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the term fruit originates from the old high German (obez „Zukost “) and meant originally everything that verzehrt except bread and meat became, also leguminous plants, vegetable and the like.

Today it is a comprehensive term of the fruits enjoyable for humans and seeds from trees and bushes usually of several years, which can be eaten mostly roughly (fresh fruit).

The distinction between fruit and vegetable is indistinct. Usually fruit comes from of several years, vegetable from one year's plants andthe sugar content with the fruit is usually higher. Botanisch seen develops for fruit from the fertilized bloom. Vegetable develops from other plant parts. Paprika, tomatoes, Zucchini, cure bites and cucumbers are fruits, however generally become because of the missing sweet one and/or.Acid not as fruit, but when fruit vegetable marks. In addition, Rhabarber however is a Pflanzenstängel, as fruit is used.

Below described the organization of fruit (core fruit, stone fruit…), is the today in the trade usual. In the Botanik against it seizesone under the comprehensive term fruit „all those cultivated or wildly growing seeds and fruits together, which are eaten generally roughly and from pleasant, usually süsslichem or säuerlichem taste are. If it concerns thereby seeds, are these because ofthe calorie content usually very nutritious, while fruits, whose seed verzehrt often not with becomes, represent usually Fruchtfleisch with high water content. They have therefore usually only a small Nährwert, have against it usually a high content of Vitaminen and mineral salts “. (Franke, W.) in the article useful plants becomes into the Botanik common organization of fruit (seed fruit, fruit fruit …) used. (Source: Franke, W.; Lit. compares useful plants).

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fruit is generally rich at Vitaminen and exists except particularly much water from cellulose,Fruit sugar and fruit acids.


core fruit

stone fruit

small fruits (from gardening view)

bowl fruit

of tropical fruits


like fruit used vegetable


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