under a Ochlokratie (Greek οχλοκρατία, of όχλος, óchlos - (human being) quantity, Pöbel, mass as well as κρατία, kratía - rule) is understood the rule of the mass, the Pöbels. The national force proceeds thereby from the possessionless classes.

The Ochlokratie is considered as oneDegeneration of the democratic system of government.

The term decreases/goes back indirectly on the antique Greek philosopher Aristoteles . This described the Politie (gr. polis: The city) and the democracy (gr. demo: The people) as the “good” and the “bad” variant of a system of government, into manyprevail. Mind you the democracy (the democracy) was here meant as bad variant.

The following table clarifies this:

Number of rulers Bonum COMM universities (= public interest) self-interest
of a monarchy autocracy
few aristocracy oily archie
many/all Politie democracy

the term democracy was occupied later however positively. Now one meantwith the democracy quasi the aristotelische, positive Politie. The system of government specified by Aristoteles adversely democracy is called now Ochlokratie, this term is with Aristoteles however not.

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