Odoaker (Flavius Odoacrus/Odovacar/Odowaker/Odoacer) (* around 433, † probably 15. March 493 in Ravenna) was a westRoman officer of barbarian origin and after the joggle of the Romulus Augustulus 476 rex Italiae.

Odoaker (Münzporträt)
Odoaker (Münzporträt)
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Odoaker was son of the Edekon (Edicio), which in the service of the Hunnenkönigs Attila , and a woman of the trunk of the Skiren. The origin Edekons is disputed. Odoaker buildup at the yard Attilas. Every now and then it also Odoaker of the Heruler is called. It was Arianer and illiterate is to have been.

It served in the body guard of the westRoman emperor Anthemius; in the struggle for power between this and he held Ricimer to the latters. After the army master Flavius Orestes had forced the last legitimate emperor Westroms , Julius Nepos, 475 to the escape, Orestes raisedits son Romulus, because of its youth „Augustulus “(emperor flax) mentioned, to the new shade emperor. However now the barbarian auxiliary troops (Föderaten) rose under guidance of the Odoaker and demanded country in Italy, what rejected Orestes. Probably also personal differences played a role, because alsoOrestes had served once Attila, whereby it had come to the controversy between him and Odoakers father. Since there were however hardly still regular westRoman troops, the barbarian Föderaten under the command of the Odoaker represented nearly only military power in Italy and set theirDemand now by force through.

Odoaker killed finally at the end of of August 476 Orestes, however Romulus spared and only set it off. Odoaker sent the imperial Ornat to Konstantinopel and explained, one needed no more own Augustus in the west , but takes shelter to the eastRoman emperor. Thenappointed he rex the Italiae and after death Julius Nepos' also by the eastRoman emperor Zenon as (actually more independently) a manager of Italy under eastRoman auspice finally recognized himself.

Odoaker assigned either country or (more probably) portions of the tax revenues to the immigrated Teutons (above all Heruler, Skiren and Thüringer), left however the Roman on the right of and control system, the Roman administration and the senate intact. The culture of late ancient times existed thus in Italy away, and also the joggle anyway long of the powerless westRoman emperor would be allowed to do impression on the contemporaries hardlymade.

In the year Odoaker Sicily of the Vandalen recovered 477 . 481 it conquered Dalmatien, and 488 it destroyed the realm of the Rugier in Noricum.

Starting from 488 itself Odoaker had against the advance of east Rome (one took conquest Dalmatiens to Odoakerbadly) supported Ostgoten resists. After several lost battles it closed a comparison after the Rabenschlacht in the year 493 with the eastgothical king Theoderich. Few days later however it was murdered by Theoderich at its yard in Ravenna personally - as justification an alleged personal servedRevenge of the Goten at Odoaker.

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