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officer is the name for soldiers in officer rank. They have the responsibility for guidance, training and the use of federations. In the purely hierarchical organization intothree groups of careers occupy the officers the first place, have thus command authority over the subordinated NCOs and the crews. The officers are divided again into grade categories.

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in Germany are in principle the careers of the officer in the troop service andto differentiate the officer in military-technical service. These differ according to the career/development, the typical uses and also regarding their ranks and career prospect.

officers of the troop service

the recognized training as the officer in the German Federal Armed Forces takes at navy, Air Force and army 15 months, before the officer candidates go to the university. In this time basic training and officer school are completed depending upon armed service. The military training as the officer is after 36 months - possibly. by a studyinterrupted - finally.

During the training the officer candidates lead the rank additive OAU and/or. ROA or the special candidate ranks

  1. contactor Kanonier/infantryman /Flieger/sailor etc. (OAU)
  2. Private first class (OAU)
  3. upper private first class (OAU)
  4. Fahnenjunker/sea-cadet (after one year) (like NCO)
  5. wo1 wo1 toLake (like sergeants)
  6. for cw2 cw2 to sea (like main sergeant)

officer candidate (OAU) of the army and the Air Force carry beside the rank insignia a silver-colored braid, which gives to recognize it as officer candidates. OAU of the navy carry in place of the braid for the goldenfive-pointed (officer) star on the rank loop. Starting from the rank cw2 is silver paspeliert that written undertakings of the service uniform (D. h. it is set for the edge of the written undertaking a silver cord along).

Since 1973 a study at one of the two is for troop officers Universities of the German Federal Armed Forces in Hamburg (Helmut Schmidt university) and Munich a component of the training as the officer. This is not compellingly necessary however in all service subranges (officer without study). Thus in particular Helmut Schmidt became the occupation of officer in Germany by working the Secretary of Defense at that timeacademically. About 80% of the officers and officer candidates of a class study at one of the two universities.

While the training as the officer also Fremdsprachenkenntnisse must be attained and proven by a SLP. The stage which can be reached thereby differs depending upon armed serviceand depends also on the later use within the German Federal Armed Forces.

officer of the military-technical service (Offz milFD/„specialized officers “)

around the permeability of the grade categories in the German Federal Armed Forces to ensure, was created the career of the Offz milFD. Thisrecruit themselves from the point of the sergeant ranks, which are suggested a request for changes into the career of the officers of the military-technical service to place to be able or by their subunit commander for a career change. In a selective procedure accomplished by the office for personnel of the German Federal Armed Forcesselected sergeant ranks go through usually also civilian-vocationally recognized training afterwards at a technical school of the armed services and at the respective officer school. The three-year training ends with the transport to the second lieutenant and assumption into the service relationship of an occupation soldier. The highestFinal rank for specialty service officers is a staff captain.

In US armed forces there is a completely similar career, i.e. those the Warrant Officer.


are grade categories in the German Federal Armed Forces following officer ranks (with ascending rank and paying), dividedin four grade categories. A characteristic is the rank additive „i.G. “= in the general staff service:

Grade category army/Air Force navy
of troop officers of medical officers of troop officers of medical officers
of second lieutenants second lieutenant second lieutenant to sea
first lieutenant first lieutenant to sea
Main people
of captain second lieutenants
captain medical officer/pharmacist/veterinarian captain second lieutenant medical officer/pharmacist
staff captain staff captain second lieutenant
Staff officers major Oberstabsarzt/-apotheker/-veterinär Lieutenant commander upper medical officer/pharmacist
lieutenant colonel Oberfeldarzt/-apotheker/-veterinär commander flotilla physician/pharmacist
Colonel Oberstarzt/-apotheker captain to sea fleet physician/pharmacists
of flying a flag officers (admirals)
Brigadier General surgeon general/pharmacist flotilla admiral Admiralarzt
major general general staff physician countering admiral Admiralstabsarzt
lieutenant general Generaloberstabsarzt Vice Admiral Admiraloberstabsarzt
general admiral

German one Democratic Republic

in the GDR those took placeTraining of the officers of the NVA and the Kasernierten units of the Ministry of the inside at officer universities in a three-year and starting from 1984 in a four years old study. It trained up to the utility position company commander and a briefing into the engagements guidance as a battalion commander. In each academic year a practical course, beginning as a group leader, was accomplished. They were appointed after the diploma examination the second lieutenant and usually used as platoon leaders. Reserve officer candidates were selected at the end of the basic military service from the best ones, in several coursesat the officer university trained and after an examination the officer with rank Unterleutnant appointed. After three to four years old troop service some officers, also the VP-readiness, were selected for the three-year study at the military academy of the NVA. There took place the training asDivision commander and/or. for comparable utility positions.



the entrance as an officer is connected not with an employment or an obligation of many years, but by the military service covered. One knows each year as Milizoffizier normally approx. 4Weeks service carry out. The training as the officer takes 53-57 weeks since 2004 (army XXI), dependent on function and training start. The tidy entrance turns out as follows:

Train duration transport to
general basic training with all service-carrying out 7 weeks soldier
Candidate school with NCO candidates 10 weeks upper private first class
cadet school 5 weeks
officer training course 4 weeks upper being awake master
officer school (usual designation of the candidates is Aspirant) 15 weeks second lieutenant
practical service 5/8 weeks, depending upon function after the second WK takes place automatically the transport toFirst lieutenant.


the group of the officers is as follows continued to partition:

Group of degrees
of Subalternoffiziere second lieutenant
first lieutenant
of main people captain
of staff officers major
lieutenant colonel
higher staff officers Brigadier
division acre
commander of corps
commander in chief of the army general (becomes in the Kriegsfall by the united Presidential Election Council ) [
work on] the USA


work on] officers

in US armed forces Zirka

15 per cent of the American soldiers officers of the US army are selected. One differentiates the officers between „Commissioned Officers “(starting from second lieutenant) and „Warrant Officers “(WHERE), four and/or. (with US Army) five-stage grade category of specialized officers in wo1 rank.

One differentiates reserve “Officers with active armed forces of the USA between „regular “and „. „The regular ones of “officers are the core of the occupation officers. Stands for them with more appropriateAchievement usually the right to a full military career too. „Reserve Officers on extended active duty“ stellen weit über 40 Prozent der aktiven Offiziere und sind nicht mit Reservisten, die Wehrübungen absolvieren, zu verwechseln. They serve for many years withoutformal difference to the elite status one „regularly Officers “, know without loss of the honour from the active service will however at any time dismiss.

„The Warrant Officers “(WHERE) it is recruited predominantly from the crews. A sechswöchigen basic course follows a specialized training andthe conscription as WHERE amounts to at least 3 years. They can become also on the same way as civilians second lieutenant and insist afterwards no more ascent delimitations.

The second lieutenant patent can be acquired in three kinds:

  • Military academy, US Army, US Navy andUS air Force maintain in each case their own academy.
  • Reserve officer training accompanying as the college study, so-called „ROTC reserve Officers training Corps “or
  • short training courses for graduates of college after branch of service „Officer Candidate School “(OCS) or „Officer training School “(OTS).

The military academy covers four years old training combinedwith intensive military-technical training and preparation on people guidance with a study. Graduates of a military academy receive „regularly the Officer patent “and „the Bachelor degree “and commit themselves to at least 6 years active service. The graduates place at present approx.And above average career prospects have 20 per cent of the new officers in the US-Streiträften.

The reserve officer training accompanying as the college study, so-called „ROTC “is offered at 500 colleges. The students receive weekly to 2 to 5 hours military-technical training, and in term holidays training camps becomeor practical courses on military bases accomplished. The active conscription amounts to usually 4 years.

The short training courses for graduates of college at the OCS/OTS schools consist of a three-month officer training course (basic Officer training OFFERED 12 weeks). Ungediente participate before in a achtwöchigen basic training;physical Fitness is an indispensable condition. The conscription amounts to at least 2 years.

Depending upon career field most officers, independently of the past training, visit for 3 to 18 months further special schools before the first troop use. Officers must plan their career carefully.Transports and even remaining in the service depend career steps “of the officer on the execution certainly „to given times. „“(WHERE) it spends Warrant Officers the largest part of their career in a field of activity, against what „a Commissioned Officer “as flexible, versatile a commander as possibleto be and therefore the correct „mixture is to show “from troop and staff uses as well as uses within a special range must. Further advanced training receives the officers also by training courses at „the CSG COMMAND and Staff college of “one of the armed services. Around the capable of cooperationness between thatArmed services to improve, a three-year use on „Joint is service “- level for „Field of degrees of Officers “(ranks major to Colonels) intended and the experience with a command or a headquarter consisting of several branches of service is a condition for the transport for the general. Of„the Joint service national Defense University “claimant „national was college “prepares the officer for higher command and staff uses and promotes the ability for planning and operation on strategic level.

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