of the Okawango with Rundu (Namibia) with sunset

of the Okawango, also Okavango or Kavango mentioned, is an on the average 1,700 kilometer long river in the southern Africa.

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river course

the river risesas Cubango (also Kubango called) in the center from Angola on the high country from Bie (“Bihé”) and flows from there out not to the ocean, but into the dischargeless, wildful interior from Botswana:

It flows through the high country evenly specified toward the south to the borderby Namibia. From there it is called on in its central run Okawango and forms for approximately 400 km the border of Angola and Namibia. After crossing the elongated, but only very narrow Ostzipfels of Namibia - Caprivizipfel mentioned - he reaches the northwestBotswana. There the water of the river seeps in the sumps (aboveground) of the dischargeless Okawango basin into 15,000 km ² large and swampy being end airworthiness directives, which lie in the northeast of the Kalahari; the size of the Deltas swells during the rain time on to 20,000 km ² on. In it lies alsothe Moremi would game-run reserve - a large game reservation.

quantity of water

due to the rain-poor weather in the winter reaches the water of the Kubango Okawangos and its supplies its being end airworthiness directive usually only with mehrmonatiger delay, i.e. only then if it of the flood thrusts of the rain timewavelike to the south one floats. Therefore it occurs that the Okawango there-flows into its central and underflow only as brook, as meager rivlet or falls - apart from the lakes stayed in its river hollows - completely drying. If then however the longand hot-longed rain time begins, develops the Okawango to a rapid river, which supplies its swampy delta with plentifully water. In the annual average it supplies about 10 billion m ³ water into its dischargeless being end airworthiness directive.

river length

the length of the Okawangos becomes in the most diverseReference books mostly indicated as 1.600 or 1.800 km; both can be regarded as correct: The difficulty the definition of its length is the fact that the river in the basin and being end airworthiness directives above specified divides itself on the one hand into several Flussarme, then somewhere into thatend to difficult-to-understand sumps. On the other hand the lengths of these river courses depend strongly on the Wasserzufuhr of the Okawangos, which precipitates during the rain time in the summer substantially more strongly, than in the rain-poor winter. During the rain time its water flows as a rule over the borders this swampland shank outside, where itsome salt pans and the Ngami lake feeds.

catchment area

the catchment area of the Okawangos covers about 154,000 km ².

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