Okawango basin

the Okawango basin on a satellite photo of NASA

the Okawango basin is a humid area in northwest Botswana (Africa).

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often becomes this water-rich, island-like river landscape, which lies in the above mentioned country in the being end airworthiness directive of the Okawangos in a dischargeless basin in the northeast Kalahari, when one of the “last large Paradiese of the earth” designates.

inundation country

during the Okawango basin about 22,000 km ² is large (that is somewhat more than the surface of Hessen), amounts to the size of the being end LTA, which depends on the precipitation, between 15.000 and 20.000 km ². In the annual average the Okawango supplies with there to about 10 Mia. m ³ water. During the rain time it inundates the basin between 30 and 50 cm highly and supplies thereby nutrient-rich sediments to this large landscape; the water achieves the highest level as a rule at the end of of August, so that enormous seas between the Flussinseln are then formed and, so that the delta on up to 20.000 km swells ².

Flora and fauna

the inundations specified before are the reason that since century thousands on the desert soil of the Kalahari the swampy Okawango basin could develop. Therein still develops a singular river landscape with species-rich Flora and fauna - an intact and ecological system standing under nature protection, in which also the Moremi would game-run reserve lies.


the swampland shank represents an extremely fruitful humid area , in which uncounted plant types prosper for the African Flora.


the swampland shank represents an extremely important oasis for the African fauna in the midst of the desert, in which thousands animal species live.

Some animals also - admits so far - respective number of individual kinds:


largest place at the Okawango basin is the city Maun, in which there is a small airfield.

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