Flag of the prefecture
Flagge der Okinawa Präfektur
base data
capital: Naha
region: Kyūshū /Okinawa
island: Okinawa
surface: 2.273, 41 km ²
inhabitants: 1.360.830 (1. October 2005)
Population density: 599 inhabitants for each km ²
districts: 5
municipalities: 41
ISO 3166-2: JP-47
of symbols
prefecture flower: Korallenstrauch
(Erythrina variegata)
prefecture tree: Ryukyu Kiefer
(Pinus luchuensis)
prefecture bird: Okinawaspecht
(Sapheopipo noguchii)
prefecture fish: Pterocaesio digramma
Lage der Präfektur Okinawa in Japan

Okinawa (jap.: 沖縄県, - ken; Uchinā in the Ryūkyū languages) is the southernmost prefecture of Japan. One differentiates further Inselgruppen between the prefecture Okinawa, to belongs and the Inselgruppe the Okinawa themselves. The latter represented the center of the former Ryūkyū kingdom , and is appropriate for about 600 km southwest to the Japanese Hauptinsel Kyūshū. The Yaeyama islands, which likewise rank among the prefecture Okinawas, are enough to 125 km before Taiwan near.

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on Okinawa and the surrounding Inselgruppen could develop own languages and cultures, there Okinawa to the independent Kingdom of Ryūkyū (= 琉球 kanji, Hànzì & Hanja (Ryūkyū islands) belonged, to 1879 existence had.

The Ryūkyū languages spoken on Okinawa, also admits as Uchinaguchi, of few older inhabitants are however only used. Most young inhabitants prefer the Japanese language , even if okinawa a dialect remains. That expressesitself particularly with only local/regionally common vocabulary. Nevertheless one tries by popular music (for example okinawa the volume Begin) as well as by radio and TV-transmissions in the Ryūkyū language to bring it learn young humans nevertheless to it andto use actively.

The battle around Okinawa in the year 1945 was one of the last large battles in the Second World War, which cost roughly 120,000 human lives. As consequence of the Second World War the island was occupied by the USA.

Be-end the crew timetried one a “State of Okinawa” or the “Republic of OF the Ryukyus” independent of Japan to form. Even a connection as US Federal State, like Hawaii still before the Korea war one considered. However 1972 went control of the islandat Japan back. More than one fifth of the island is however further a US military basis.

The G8-Wirtschaftsgipfel 2000 found of 21. - 23. July under Japanese presidency on the island Okinawa instead of. For the New edition from 2000-Yen-Scheinen to this time motives became Okinawasused.


Okinawa is well-known as birth place of the combat arts carat DO , Kobudo and death.

Likewise Eisa , a kind Trommler and group of dances, originates from Okinawa. Nearly each 'Kiez 'and each island have its own Eisa- Troop and own arrangements. The participants are usually pupils, students and boy adult (between 15 and 25 years). Young ones, and girls, operate this traditional pageant.

American military

since the end of the Second World War gives it upOkinawa several US-American military bases, among other things Kadena air cousin and Camp Foster. Okinawa is also called therefore “unversenkbarer aircraft carrier” of the USA. Nearly everything of the 14,460 naval infantrymen in Japan is here stationed. In October 2005 the Japanese government indicated that thoseUS armed forces several thousand soldiers will take off from the island, which the Okinawa is only quite.

Okinawa as basis is required completely to give up, like it of the native ones is probably applicable to the plans of the US strategists not. Is too importantthe location. Vorallem, in order to be in direct range from Taiwan to, should really come the Taiwan relation act to active application. At present the US-Navy strives for a piece of coast Okinawas, in order to establish a submarine base there. With thisArea concerns it however a nature protection zone, above all because it is one point of approach for very rare sea mammals.


takeoff boards in airports of China and Taiwans, as well as monitors in airplanes of appropriate airlines, show also today 琉球(Ryūkyū, pinyin: LíuQíu), not 沖縄 (Okinawa), on.

administrative arrangement

of cities (市 ski)

  • seat of the prefecture administration: Naha
  • Nago
  • Nanjo
  • Okinawa

of districts (郡 gun)

list thatDistricts (郡 gun) of the prefecture Okinawa, as well as their municipalities (町, cho or machi) and villages (村, son or mura).

  • Kunigami
    • Ginoza
    • Higashi
    • IE
    • Kin
    • Kunigami
    • Motobu
    • Nakijin
    • On'na
    • Oogimi
  • Miyako
    • Tarama
  • Nakagami
    • Chatan
    • Kadena
    • Kitanakagusuku
    • Nakagusuku
    • Nishihara
    • Yomitan
  • Shimajiri
    • Aguni
    • Haebaru
    • Iheya
    • Izena
    • Kitadaitou
    • Kumejima
    • Minamidaito
    • Tokashiki
    • Tonaki
    • Yaese
    • Yonabaru
    • Zamami

largest one of places

Municipality inhabitant
1. October of 2000
1. October 2005
Naha 301,032 312,308
Okinawa 119,686 125,869
Uruma 109,992 113.574
Urasoe 102,734 106,047
Ginowan 86,744 89,775
Nago 56,606 59,440
Itoman 54,974 55,822
Miyakijima 54,249 53,480
Tomigusuku 50,198 52,507
Ishigaki 43,302 45,145


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coordinates: 26°34' N; 127°54' O


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