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That October is the tenth month of the yearly in the Gregorian calendar.

It has 31 days. October begins with the same weekday as January (Jänner), except in leap years.

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the name

the Romans called its respected month of the yearly mensis more october (octo=acht). Although the month after the Julian calendar reform 46 v. Chr.to the tenth place shifted, it is with its Roman name remained. Other urdeutsche names are “wine month”, this name are already from Karl the large one in 8. Century introduced its and points to the beginning of the wine vintageand the further wine processing, or “Gilbhart”, since in this autumn month leaves color themselves yellow and brown. With the hunters this month also moonmoon moon is called. The today's Gregorian calendar became 1582 of Pope Gregor XIII. introduced, sat downbut only after the French revolution through.

special holidays and celebrations in the German linguistic area

  • light-blue Monday (first Monday after Michaelis (29.9) was celebrated in Bavaria, since the craftsmen work again at light in their roomshad. The masters mostly released to the apprentices on this day.
  • Octoberfest on first Sunday goes on the residents of Munich Theresienwiese the largest people celebration of the earth to end. For the first time it became starting from that 12. October 1810 celebrated, the birthdaythe Bavarian king Maximilian I. It ground itself on this day with Therese of Saxonia Hildenburghausen.
  • Day of the German unit (3. October) this day reminded of the combination of the former GDR with the Federal Republic of Germany in the year 1990 and solved since thenthe 17. June as an anniversary off.
  • Harvest thanks (first Sunday in October) in the churches are gesegnet the harvest incomes of this year.


in October lie the asterisks balance (24,9 to 23,10) and scorpio (24,10 to 22,11).

in October,

  • brings that freezes and snows farmer rules and weather rules Wenn'sJanuary mild time.
  • If leaves sit firmly at the tree in October, a severe winter hardly comes….
  • October warmly and finely, comes a sharp winter,
    is it however wet and coolly, mildly the winter will wants.
  • October roughly, January dull.
  • October sky fully stars has warm furnaces gladly.
  • At the pc. Gallustag (16.10) late summer one to expect likes.
  • To Ursula (21.10) bringts herb in here, otherwise snows to Simon (28.10) still in here.

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