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Date: 9. May

current one message and events in October 2005.

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events of the day

Saturday, 1. October 2005

  • a notice series on the Indonesian holidays island Bali demanded numerous victims. At least 22 humans died. Diplomat circles 32 dead ones and more than 100 called hurt the speech. Whether also German tourists under the dead ones and hurt one are from Bali, is not clear yet. The bombs exploded in rapid succession in the places Jimbaran and in Kuta, about 30 kilometers far away from Jimbaran.
  • The French police terminated the blockade of the korsischen port Ajaccio by force. Nearly 15,000 humans stuck on Korsika.

Sunday, 2. October 2005

Landtagswahl Steiermark
  • Graz/Austria. The SPÖ obtains a landslide victory in the steirischen election of the federal parliament. After provisional computer forecast (17: ) It wins and overhauls 30 CET more than 9 per cent in relation to the result of the elections 2000 thereby for 60 years the governing ÖVP. Would list deer man, BZÖ and FPÖ miss the introduction. The Greens achieve the necessary basic mandate contrary to the FPÖ. The results in the detail: SPÖ 41.7 (+9,3); ÖVP 38.7 (- 8.6); KPÖ 6.3 (+5,3); The Green 4.7 (- 0.9); FPÖ 4.6 (- 7.8); LH 2,0; BZÖ 1.7 per cent.

Monday, 3. October 2005

(day of the German unit)

Tuesday, 4. October 2005

  • Turkey. Beginning of the official European Union - negotiations of accession. Last in the European Union parliament and of Austria stated doubts were eliminated by the passage to examine in the course of the negotiations also the receptiveness of the European Union as well as by resumption of the entry discussions with Croatia.

Wednesday, 5. October 2005

Thursday, 6. October 2005

Friday, 7. October 2005

Saturday, 8. October 2005

Sunday, 9. October 2005

Monday, 10. October 2005

Tuesday, 11. October 2005

  • Basel: In the Ciba - chemistry factory of Grenzach Wyhlen (Baden-Wuerttemberg) released a Verpuffung a major fire . Nobody was hurt and the fire in 2-3 hours deleted, but recommended one first also in Swiss border area to keep all windows closed.
  • Berlin: The top committees of SPD and union advise over the large coalition agreed upon yesterday. In the SPD the agreement of the link wing is uncertain, in parts of the union exists displeasure over „giving up “ the Treasury.
  • Rabat/Madrid: In the Moroccan capital of Spain leads minister of foreign affairs Moratinos discussions across refugee the policy. In the meantime the European Union of the government accuses Zapatero with the general amnesty for the African refugees the consequences to have considered too little.
  • European Union/Africa: The European union assigns their Ministers of Justice and interior to advise over a common procedure with the large African streams of refugees. They concern Italy, France and England beside Spain also. Apart from changes of the asylum politics is to increased economic aid and at camps for receiving refugees in the middle Africa (z. B. Tanzania) meant, in addition, in the Ukraine. Against such plans Amnesty international turns: the European Union is not to develop to one „fortress “ in relation to poorer states.
  • Novi Sad: The liberty bridge destroyed in the Kosovo war 1999 is again opened. The Danube is unhindered passable thereby their entire length.

Wednesday, 12. October 2005

  • China/Gobi: After two years the People's Republic accomplishes a manned space flight again . A rocket of the type “long march „started in the morning with two astronauts of the space travel station Jiuquan at the edge of the centralasiatic desert. The start took place on the day after resolution of a new Fünfjahresplans by the kp central committee and ran despite a close Kaltfront with snow problem-free. The Taikonaut EN protect Junlong (40) and never Haisheng (41) are to remain five days in the orbit, which was reached after 30 minutes.
    Differently than with the 21-Stunden-Flug of the 15.Oktober 2003 the men are to leave their cap and in 2.8 meters are enough for work area to live. Experiments and test, z are planned. B. the sleeping bags and the life systems of the 9m spaceship Shenzhou VI. are enough. It is similar to the CEV (shuttle successor of NASA) with 4 engines and 8t an advancement of the Russian of Soyuz - model and part of a concept. Once it is a moon flight with stronger rockets 10-25t pay load to have and make possible.
  • Wiesbaden/Germany: The prices for gasoline and fuel oil, risen strongly , drove the inflation on the highest conditions for four years: The consumer price index for Septembers rose opposite Sept.2004 around 2,5%, as the Federal Statistical Office communicated. It confirms thereby an estimation of at the end of September. In August the value still was about 1,9%. The European central bank in Frankfurt aims at a maximum price increase of 2%. In the comparison to the previous month a rise of 0,4% resulted.

Thursday, 13. October 2005

Friday, 14. October 2005

Saturday, 15. October 2005

  • London. A British laboratory stated in an express investigation that beside Turkey also into Romania the arisen bird flu is to be attributed to the exciter H5N1 dangerous for humans. Of Austria health minister it communicates that many countries of Europe have inoculation plans ready and infection danger exists only directly in the chicken house.
  • Brussels. According to European Union - Veterinarian experts will analyze health commissioner Markos Kyprianou next week the recent developments and will extend their risk catalog. The inoculation supplies to be sufficient, are however within the European Union unevenly distributed.
  • London. Bond becomes blond. The actor Daniel Craig will represent starting motion picture film Casino Royale to the secret agents James bond in the end of 2006.
  • California. The ash in July of the deceased of Filmschauspielers James Doohan (engineer Scotty in the TV serial spaceship Enterprise) is to 6. December by a US military basis with a Falcon I - rocket into space to be shot, as the assigned company communicated Space services.
  • Bremen. After a 6:2 success against the 1.FC Nuremberg took over Werder Bremen the point of the federal league - table of the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich, which continued its black series with 1:1 against Schalke 04.
  • Toledo (Ohio)/the USA. In the US Federal State Ohio came it on the entire weekend to unrests, when on the occasion of a demonstration elevator national of the Socialist Movements, a National Socialist grouping, this collided with counterdemonstrants. The local police Tränengas began in particular against a last party. The mayor of the city, Jack Ford, affirmed the right of the Nazis their thing publicly to represented, which set unrests probably only on. The press spoke of a furious mobilization of 600 humans, with whom also road course would have associated, who would have thrown baseball large stones on the policemen, cars would have damaged and a bar in fire would have set. However 114 persons were taken in safekeeping. Obviously the Nazi movement had gone consciously into this city, which is extremely dependent on the automobile industry, which becomes apparent by a high unemployment ratio.

Sunday, 16. October 2005

  • Australia. The meeting of the group of the twenty most important industrie and developing countries could agree on a reform of World Bank and IWF. China requested the G20-Finanzminister to further liberalisation of the world trade.
  • Dénia. The Austrian former KZ-physician Aribert home (91), in the KZ the duty living of prisoners with injections murdered, according to report of the Simon Wiesenthal - center in Spain was sought out.
  • Iraq. The popular vote of yesterday over the future condition has to register a large election turnout. But the danger exists that the Sunniten of three provinces brings the compromise draft of at the end of to August to case.
  • Peking/China. The crew of the second manned space flight of the People's Republic of China landed with its space cap Shenzhou 6 against 4.32 o'clock local time reliably in quilts that Mongolia up, whereby one missed the planned destination around only one kilometer. The condition of the Taikonauten protect Junlong and never Haisheng, which circle the earth on board five days long had, correspond according to data of the authorities positive expectations. China is to Russia and the USA the third nation, which undertook a manned space flight.
  • Hawaii. With the victory of the German outsider Faris aluminium-Sultans ended the 27. Edition of the traditional Ironman Hawaii - Triathlons, which is considered as hardest and renowning width unit running its kind. The 27-jährige Sohn of a native Iraqi translator and a German won 180 km wheel driving as well as 42.195 km running in 8:14 as a most balanced participant with its third participation after 3,8 km swimming: 17 hours before the New Zealander Cameron Brown (8: 19: 36) as well as the threefold winner Peter Reid from Canada (8: 20: 04). After Thomas's light latch plate (1997) and the previous year winner Norman Stadler, which gave up after repeated blowout demoralized, aluminium-Sultan is the third German, which decided this competition for itself. With the ladies Swiss Natascha bath man could celebrate their sixth triumph. It sat down in 9:09: 30 hours against the two Australians Michellie Jones (9: 11: 51) and Kate major (9: 12: 39) through.
  • Shanghai/China. The 19. and last Grand Prix of the Formel-1-Saison 2005 could decide the Spaniard Fernando Alonso on Renault F1 for itself, whereby that won running universe also the technical designer valuation.
  • Fresno/the USA. In a glacier at the Mount Mendel in the Kings Canyon national park found two mountain climbers in the Sierra Nevada the partial mummified corpse of a military pilot, who lay there to all appearances since the Second World War. According to data of the authorities the dead one belonged to a AT-7-Trainingsflugzeug that to 18. November 1942 with five men crew with a navigation training in the region had fallen. 1947 had found a mountain climber the wreck and four of the bodies.

Monday, 17. October 2005

  • Rome. Romano Prodi , the former president of the European Union commission won the preselections to the leading candidate of the center opposition from the left of Italy. Thereby Prodi becomes as expects for a long time, when „Unione the acting Prime Ministers Silvio Berlusconi provoke boss of the party alliance. First by-election questionings resulted in a surprisingly high voice portion of approximately 75 per cent. The parliamentary election takes place in May 2006 . Beinträchtigt became the joy with „Unione “by the mafiaähnliche murder of the vice-president of the region government of Kalabrien Francesco Fortugno by two masked men, when this left on Sunday polling station in the southItalian Lucri. .
  • Jerusalem. Israel breaks the contact off to the Palestinian autonomy authority . Radical Palestinians had attacked a tie point for hitchhikers on Sunday with the settlements Gusch Ezion and Eli, whereby three humans were killed and five were heavily hurt.
  • Karibik. In the Karibik forms at present a new hurricane named „for Wilma “, that already the 21. Tropical storm of this kind 2005 is. Due to feared damage to the oil platforms in the gulf of Mexico the price of the barrel crude oil at the New Yorker stock exchange of 40 to 64 US Dollar rose.
  • Lilongwe/Malawi. According to data of the president Bingu wa a hunger disaster threatens Mutharika in the African state, by which 5 million inhabitant are threatened. According to the government one made available 50 million $ for 330.000 t grain from South Africa, needs however still 158,000 t, over the supply of the population up to the next harvest in March and/or. To be able to guarantee April 2006. Because more than 14% of the population are infected with AIDS, is missing to many Farmern and farm workers simply Kraft the necessary work to manage.
  • Juneau/Alaska. On Wednesday Alaska a weapon law comes into force in the US Federal State, which liberalisiert both the possession of arms of hand-held weapons, and their carrying in the passenger car. The Federal law was on operation that national splines Association discharged, in order to come the more restrictive local principles of the municipalities and Counties before. Alaska is to become after the will of the NRA model for the other Federal States.

Tuesday, 18. October 2005

Tuesday, 18. October 2005

  • Berlin/Germany in the constituent meeting 16. German federal daily was selected the CDU - politician Norbert lamb ore to the new President of the Bundestag. With the choice to the Bundestag vice-president it comes to the eclat. The former Party of Democratic Socialism party chief Lothar Bisky and Spitzenpkandidat of the left wing party loses also in the third last ballot those simply majority. Since according to usual rule each parliamentary group places at least one vice-president, and with whose choice the suggestions of the parliamentary groups were always approved of by the others, Bisky announced, even in further to begin ballots taking place later.
  • Frankfurt/Main/Germany. The 57 beginning in the Main metropolis today. Frankfurt book fair, up to 23. October lasts, has with 7.000 exhibitors record size. The tendency of the publishing houses is usually optimistic, so that they present approximately 100,000 titles on the world largest book fair. 1,000 authors will present themselves, of it 40 from the host country Korea, whereby the communist North Korea called its participation off.

Wednesday, 19. October 2005

Thursday, 20. October 2005

Friday, 21. Octobers 2005

  • Izmir/Turkey. A heavy earthquake with Izmir has violent vibrations, destruction, 37 at the night to Friday hurt and caused two victims. The Epizentrum lay approximately 45 kilometers southwest from Izmir. The earthquake of the strength 6.0 on the judge scale was to be likewise felt on the neighbouring Greek islands such as Chios and Samos.
  • Rio de Janeiro/Brazil a US-Brazilian researcher team alarms Science “(Bd in the trade paper „. 310, S. 480) : The jungle destruction in Brazil is twice as large as before well-known; annually is lost besides the half surface of Germany at rain forest through Rodung . The number each year in the Tropics becoming extinct kinds becomes estimated on 50.000.
  • New Delhi. India and the USA expand their co-operation within the range nuclear energy ; in new Delhi appropriate discussions take place.
  • Pakistan. Of Pakistan president Pervez Musharraf feels the international assistance for the seismic zone as „totally inadäquat “; Billions further dollar were used.
  • Australia. For the first time the bird flu was proven also on this continent. The Australian quarantine and control service discover anti-bodies of the bird flu in the pigeons, which were imported from Canada after Melbourne.

Saturday, 22. October 2005

  • London. In Great Britain an imported and as a precaution parrot at the bird flu, held in quarantine , died. As precaution measure against their spreading in Austria, Germany and Switzerland the open land attitude was forbidden until further notice of poultry.
  • Mexico. Since „the eye “ hurricane of the Wilma moves substantially more slowly, more concentrated and heavy devastations are feared. The center moved after the island Cozumel northward on the 600,000 inhabitants counting metropolis Cancún too, where the roads were filled up immediately by the immense rain it was heavily damaged, the beaches of the tourist center either or away-rinsed. The there airport is until further notice closed. In the US Federal State the authorities the tourists on the exposed island chain of the keys Wests requested Florida to the departure.
  • Lagos/Nigeria. In Nigeria with an aircraft crash all 117 passengers were killed; Boeing 737-200 was on the way of Lagos into the capital Abuja. Due to incorrect information one looked first in a wrong place for the wreck and proceeded from a number of survivors. In the machine also numerous foreign businessmen and diplomat sat.

Sunday, 23. October 2005

Monday, 24. October 2005

Tuesday, 25. October 2005

  • Miami/Florida. After devastations in Cancún and the peninsula Yucatán reached hurricane Wilma now also Florida. So far by seven dead ones and numerous damages one reports: Houses were destroyed taken off and many yachts in the bays by the force of the storm. A majority of the tourists and the adjacent resident on the mainland followed the requests for evacuation. But on the Florida keys could not approximately 80% of the native ones of the requests of the authorities be confused according to first estimations. Many would have senseless-prove demonstratively „hurricane parties “celebrated or to the Surfen used the large waves. Thus many of the mainland were cut off. Nearly 2.5 million households are further without current supply. The number of the hurricane-dead in Florida increased to 10.
  • Munich/Germany. When undertaking Infineon continue the persons employed with a strike further their labor disputes for an improvement of the social security.
  • Bagdad/Iraq. The Iraqi condition was accepted with an agreement of 78,6%. Only in the provinces Al-Anbar and Salah ad-DIN tuned more than two thirds of the voters against it.
  • Steiermark/Austria. The steirische federal state parliament selects Franz Voves by the majority to the new national captain. Voves is thereby for sixty years a first social-democratic national captain of the Steiermark.
  • Neuwied/Germany. In a Weiher in Rhineland-Palatinate one found 22 dead grey geese and swans , which had died after a first investigation at rat poison on Monday. Scientists disclaimed later that they had died at dangerous bird flu the virus H5N1. However two of the migratory birds at a usual flu virus would have been gotten sick.

Wednesday, 26. October 2005

(Austrian national holiday)

  • Vienna. The Republic of Austria celebrates the 50.Jahrestag of its independence. At the 26.Oktober 1955 the parliament decided crew powers the always-lasting neutrality after departure of the four allied. At the day of the open door from this cause 15,000 Austrians visited recently reconditioned parliament building at the ring. The large troop parade at the hero place and demonstrations to civil defense were accomplished by 7.000 soldiers, 100 helicopters and 12 interceptors.
  • Zagreb/Croatia. Bird flu - virus H5N1 was proven now also in Croatia. The European Union commission confirmed that the exciter in geese ended recently was discovered. A dead swan found at the new settler lake (border Austria Hungary ) is still examined.
  • Berlin/Germany. For the protection of the poultry existence in the FRG and the population various instructions went out to Geflügelhaltung with the agrarian Ministry. In particular soaking by Oberflächenwasser such as lakes and pools is forbidden due to the risk of infection. Only the normal drinking water is now permitted. To the operators of the zoos one granted to inoculate its bird existence in front there some kinds of game within the buildings would be received.
  • Réunion. On the island in the Indian ocean Thailand - journey the urgent suspicion of an infection with that bird flu - insists virus with a man after.
  • Paris/France. In an interview opposite Le Figaro the founder and owner of Microsoft , Bill Gates , prophesied the long-term fall to the printed media because of the increasing meaning of on-line newspapers. By the increasing competition pressure the newspapers would have to bring their expenditures for on-line urgently on the optimum conditions.
  • Munich/Germany. In Munich Perl oh there was no common denominator on the occasion of the strike in the there Infineonwerk with discussions between industrial union to metal and company line still.
  • Liverpool/Great Britain. In Liverpool a fully occupied underground derailed. All 119 passengers got off the fright. During slow travel the last car jumped out of the rails. So far a mechanical error is assumed.
  • Mogadischu/Somalia. Islamic ones of clergyman have one „Fatwa “against cutting and/or. Genital mutilating at girls publishes. Therein traditional practice wide-spread in Africa is condemned as „unislamisch “. Sheikh only Barud Gurhan, the vice-chairman of the roof federation Somali clergyman, equated cutting a murder . The Fatwa is interspersed probably hardly, since the country is controlled by clan bosses.
  • Peking/China. In southwest China with masses were killed a panic in a primary school of ten children, 45 further Viertklässler were hurt, five of it heavily. The children were on overcrowded stairs outward on the way, when one of the children was to have called „spirit “, whereupon the panic broke out.

Thursday, 27. October 2005

Friday, 28. October 2005

  • Berlin/Germany. With the coalition talks CDU/CSU and SPD on a rise of the pension entrance age on 67 years and a higher highest tax rate agreed data of the picture newspaper. Likewise one examines savings with officials and pensioners of the federation, in order to compile together with other measures a reorganization package from 35 € billion to. First rejected the DGB - vice-president Engelen Kefer immediately as irresponsible.
Regarding the economic policy Edmund Stoiber, the präsumtive economic and technology Minister , doubt expressed to discussed allocation of the authority and suggested a possible resignation. Chancellor candidate Merkel said on the construction industry day that a higher occupation ratio could not be attained without economic growth.

Saturday, 29. October 2005

Monday, 31. October 2005

  • Berlin: The SPD - Executive committee is correct against by party chief Müntefering suggested the SPD Secretary-General Wasserhövel and for „the party-left “ Andrea Nahles. Thereupon Müntefering (according to Second Channel of German Television) announces its resignation, leaves open however whether he will occur the coalition government as a vice-chancellor.
    Representatives of the union express doubts, because Münte is an important “clammy one for a large coalition and with Stoiber a good co-operation basis has. Stv. Party head bad brook is afraid (as per. N24-Interview), it would not give few in the SPD, which would have anyway red-red-green rather than a large coalition. In the FDP renewed contacts are considered to the Greens.
  • Syria/UN: The security council requires full co-operation of Syria for the clearing-up of the murder to Lebanon Expremier Hariri. The advice done without threatened sanctions, reserves itself however further steps . All suspicious persons would have to be heard , to whom also brother and brother-in-law of the Syrian president Assad belong. According to UN-Chefermittler Mehlis (see 20. October) prevented Syria „so far the thumbs held much important information “and it from questionings.
  • UN/New York: The resolution brought in from the USA, England and France against Syria was decided after reducing unanimously and obligates all states to refuse to suspecting the entry and freeze their bank assets. While of Syria is caused minister of foreign affairs aluminium-Sharaa in New York an eclat and demonstrated in Damascus against the resolution, you agree Lebanon and also Arab states. Web left.

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