Olaf Kübler

Olaf Kübler (* 8. September 1937 in Berlin) is a German jazz saxophonist.

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after the suicide of its father fled its nut/mother after end of the Second World War with it and its brother after pouring, where it discovered the jazz and Bluesmusik by the Americans stationed there. it played 1958 in the Mac Reimann Sextett (premium ore on the Amateurfestival in Duesseldorf). 1959 studied jazz in Cologne with briefly Edelhagen. 1966 it pulled to Munich around where it under anderm one with Don Menza, Benny Bailey and in the Jo Haider Quintett played. 1967 nam it at the jazz festival Montreux with the jazz ensemble of the BR under Pepsi Auer part. it changed 1969 to the skirt and Popmusik, where it admits Amon Düül II as a manager the volume became. It made with Klaus Doldinger film and television music and was one of the initial members the volumes passport haven. 1973 began one over 10-year old co-operation with Udo lime tree mountain, among other things nam it at the legendary appearance of Udo lime tree mountain in Moscow part. it played 1978 for the Popgruppe The policy (the Sax solo Singel “mirror-image-guessed/advised into the material world”). In the subsequent year it made a tour with the Blues Barden Willi Michl by Bavaria. 1980 to 1982 it plays in that volume of Marius Mueller Westernhagen and 1985-1990 developed a close artistic relationship with Paul Millns with whom it among other things “Finally of case The Rain” brought in. By Millns he found back to his jazz roots. Today it lives in close proximity to Frankfurt and is play joyful like many older jazz musicians agil and.


  • Round the outside - 1995 - with Dr. Lonnie Smith, Kenny Martin, Bill view away
  • When I'm 64 -2002 - with Christof Spendel, briefly Billker, André Nendza
  • Midnight Soul - 2005 - with Christof Spendel, André Nendza, Joe Bonica


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