Olga Nikolajewna Rubzowa

Olga Nikolajewna Rubzowa (also Olga Rubtsowa; Russian ОльгаНиколаевнаРубцова; * 20. August 1909 in Moscow; † 13. December 1994 in Moscow) was a Russian Schachspielerin. It won both in close chess and in remote chess the world championship.

close chess

you won five times the championship of the Soviet Union.

1956 won it in a tournament against Jelisaweta Bykowa and Ljudmila Rudenko the chess world championship of the women. 1958 lost it however the title Bykowa.

remote chess

Olga Rubzowa was successful also in remote chess. It won the first world championship in this discipline, which was delivered from 1968 to 1972, and divided with the second world championship 1972-77 the first place with Lora Jakowlewa. With the third world championship 1978-84 it became fifth, with the fourth world championship 1984-92 occupied it place 11.


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