Olive Drechsel

of olive Drechsel (* 10. May 1973) is a German concert pianist.

After initial instruction with its nut/mother, the Konzertpianistin Ruth Drechsel Püster it studied at the university for music Cologne with Roswitha Gediga Glombitza and Pavel Gililov. Master courses, among other thingswith Peter Feuchtwanger, Karl-Heinz Kämmerling and the Alban mountain quartet, supplemented this training, which it locked 1998 with the concert exam. In the same year it published its debut - CD “Jürg Baur - the piano work " and received the promotion price RheiniCulture price.

Olive Drechsel dedicates itself since some years of the rendition of piano music 19. Century on historical original instruments from the collection Dohr (Cologne). At present it plays the total photographs of the piano work of the important romantic Friedrich Kiel and the early romantic ChristianHeinrich Rinck . Here it concerns world first bringing to a large extent.

Apart from numerous solistischen appearances (among other things in the row “Best OF North-Rhine/Westphalia”) as well as to broadcast with cuts and CD productions at home and abroad is a further emphasis of its pianistischen work on the rangethe chamber music. It concentrated regularly with the Cellistin Dagmar Spengler (among other things also in the row “live music Now” brought by Yehudi into being) and the Klarinettistin Sabine Grofmeier.

Olive Drechsel informs piano at the university for musicCologne and holds seminars, like “piano music from four centuries” in the Karl Rahner academy Cologne.

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