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olive Evans (* 13. September 1755 in new haven, Delaware, † 15. April 1819 in Pittsburgh) was an US-American inventor.

Evans invented different machines like the first automatic corn mill and a steam-claimant amphibious vehicle. In addition improvedit high pressure steam engine. In connection with the automatic mill it invented a machine named “hopper Boy”, which served the flour cooling and which is used also today still in similar building method in Kaffeeröstereien.

With his Mrs. Kathy it had two sons, John and TheophilusMore olive.

Schema der ersten automatisierten Getreidemühle
Pattern first automated corn mill

excerpt from Meyers encyclopedia of 1888:
„Evans (spr. éwens), 1) olive, mechanic, geb. 1755 to new haven in Delaware, came with a Wagner into the teachings and designed after hardly endured training a spin machine and a mill mechanism. Also it sketcheda printing machine without condensation, which it recommended for the progressive movement of cars, and from which it 1787 and 1794 designs to England sent. Connected with its brothers, improved it the details of the meal mills, and 1786 it searched for patenting a steam mill and a steam car, thosewith high steam pressure to be operated should. 1800 it began the building of such mechanisms, and it built a steam excavator, which was driven by an impeller moved by the steam engine for 1804. The same steam engine had before carried the excavator of the factory as locomotive to the water. E. takesapart from Watts a very much protruding position in the history of the steam engine, but it was promoted not in same measure by conditions, and he could bring epoch-making ideas, like the use, to the steam engine for moving ships and trucks not to the execution, because noneCapitalist it supported. For the Müllerei it designed the elevator, the Conveyer, the Mehlkühler, the tip-cart etc. It died 19. April 1819 in Pittsburg. E. wrote: “The young millwright's and miller's guide” (New York 1795, 4. Aufl. 1821; after the 5. Aufl. franz. of Bénoit,Par. 1830); “Guide for the mechanical engineers etc.” (1805; franz. of Doolittle, that. 1822). “

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