Olive Geissmann

of olive Geissmann (* 9. December 1978) is a Liechtensteiner sport contactor.

First high point of its career were 2000 the olympic plays in Sydney. There became in the honour assign to state with the opening celebration as color bearers the Liechtensteiner delegation. Sportily the plays ran less glossful. In the air rifle shooting it shot only 582 rings in the qualification and separated. At the end it occupied rank 41.

2003 succeeded it to Geissmann however to penetrate into the world point. With the Weltcup competition in the South Korean Changwon it reserved seat 7 with 595 rings.

This achievement could it 2004 confirm, when it reached with the Grand Prix OF liberation in Tschechien with 596 rings place 3 and shortly thereafter for the first time secured themselves in its career the title of the Swiss master.

Geissmann succeeded thereby the qualification for the olympic plays in Athens. There it represented as only sportsmen its country. In the competition with that Geissmann in the qualification of 591 rings shot and missed 10 m-Luftgewehr around three rings the final. At the end it occupied rank 22.

Geissmann is cared for by the coach Erhard Hüppi. Apart from its sporty career Geissmann created 2002 with its team colleague Martin Seger an estate agency.


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