Olive Haidt

of olive Haidt, (* 19. August 1977 in Graz), is a Austrian hit singer.

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olive Haidt buildup in the Steiermark , where its parents had an agriculture enterprise. At the age of 11 years it won a singer competition. After the school he learned the occupation of the retail trade buyer. Then it began to compose to write the text and was active with the production of other groups.

1998 participated Haidt with the so far only competition Grand Prix of the hit and became with the title I think of Rhodos surprisingly winners. This victory was so far largest success for it and brought it some appearances with different television broadcasts. Also its further hit productions could hold themselves some weeks. It since that time however no more had larger successes, although it is particularly in Austria often on the way and numerous running appearances has.

2002 participated Haidt with the singer Petra Frey for Austria in the Grand Prix of the people music . Its title separation us also seas reached place 11.

success title

  • I think of Rhodos 1998
  • pure luck
  • thousands dreams in Athens



  • I leb´ only for you
  • give me an indication
  • pure luck
  • and who kisses me

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