Olive Hazard Perry

of olive Hazard Perry (* 23. August 1785 in South Kingstown, Rhode Island, the USA; † 23. August 1819 on lake with haven OF Spain, Trinidad) was an US-American naval officer, who admits by the war of 1812 with Great Britain became.


of olive Hazard Perry (1785-1819)

olive Hazard Perry became to 23. August 1785 in South Kingstown as the oldest of eight children of the American naval officer Christopher Raymond Perry and his Mrs. Sarah Alexander Perry born. A younger brother was Matthew Calbraith Perry (1794 - 1858), which admits 1853/1854 by the forced opening of Japan became. Its it received names after its grandfather mütterlicherseits and an uncle died on lake. At the age of 13 years the strength of will and temperful Perry decided for the entrance into US Navy. 1799 it began its service as Midshipman (sea-cadet) on the frigate USS general Greene kommandierten of its father . During the next seven years it was involved in the unerklärten war with France and the war with the North African Barbareskenpiraten (first Barbareskenkrieg), whereby among other things it on later ships like the USS Adam, the USS Constellation, arrived at celebrity, which served USS Essex and the USS Constitution.

1805 were promoted Perry to second lieutenant. 1806 to 1807 it had the little estimated task to develop in Rhode Island and Connecticut a flotilla of gunboats and received to 1809 the command over the Schoner USS Revenge (14 cannons). With this ship it belonged to 1810 first to a Schwadron under Kommodore John Rodgers, however after Charleston (South Carolina) was shifted. On the way there the ship was damaged however by a heavy storm; in addition came substantial health problems of Perrys, which did not stand the unhealthy summer climate in the Southern States. To 8. January 1811 accumulated the USS Revenge in the block Iceland - Sund on a reef and sank. With the following court martial Perry was acquitted and belobigt for its behavior with the fall of the ship. One knows the responsibility for the misfortune the pilot too.

O. H. Perry in der Schlacht auf dem Eriesee, 10. September 1813
O. H. Perry in the battle on the Eriesee, 10. September 1813

in the procedure separated Perry first from the active service and married in new haven (Rhode Island) twenty-year-old Elizabeth Champlin Mason. From as lucky described marriage five children originated, of whom one died young. In May 1812 it returned to the active service and to the master COMM other (captain second lieutenant) was carried. After the outbreak of the war of 1812 with Great Britain it received the command over a flotilla from 12 gunboats in new haven and new London (Connecticut). Perry he endeavored first around a new command to high lake or on the large lakes, to he in February 1813 to Kommodore Isaac Chauncey after Sackets Harbor (New York) to the Ontariosee in vain shifted. Chauncey transferred it the command over the flotilla in the structure on the Eriesee. With large energy it succeeded to it to develop a powerful fleet and the arms race against its by supply and shortage of personnel obstructed British Gegenpart Robert Heriot Barclay to win. Due to the increasing supply problems of the British itself Barclay had to 10. September 1813 to the fight place. It did not succeed to Perry in the battle on the Eriesee at the beginning of to bring the supremacy of its both to in terms of figures superior and substantially better armed and manned flotilla to carrying why its flagship USS Lawrence of the British was put out of action and three quarters of its crew were killed or wounded. The reinforcement near-gotten by it personally by boat decided the battle however in favor of the Americans, who the complete, heavily fastened British flotilla had to result. Celebrity attained Perrys short message over the victory at general William Henry Harrison:

Dear general: Incoming goods have met the enemy and they acres ours. Two ships, two brigs, one schooner and one sloop. Yours with great respect and esteem, O.H. Perry

as well as the following land victory Harrisons in the battle at the Thames River of 5. October 1813, in which Perry likewise participated, decided the battle on the Eriesee the war on the western scene and contributed substantially to the fact that the these despite the American failures on other scenes with the peace by Gent on basis of the status quo one terminated. Perry became by its victory a national hero. After the end of the fighting in the west Perry was shifted to its desire again to new England and received apart from the transport to the captain the command over a gunboat flotilla in new haven. In July 1814 the transport followed to the commander still under construction 44-Kanonen-Fregatte USS Java in Baltimore. During the British invasion to the Chesapeake Bay in the summer 1814 it participated in the futile efforts for the defense of Washington and the successful defense Baltimores. The war was however to end, before its ship was finished and could in lake sting.

In the consequence the USS Java in the Mediterranean crossed, in order to point the Barbareskenpiraten into their barriers. While the ship lay in the port of Neapel before anchors, it came to a controversy into its process Perry John Heath ohrfeigte, the commanders of the naval infantry on board. In a court martial following on it both were spoken guiltily, received however only mild blames. After the return to the USA Heath Perry provoked to a duel , to 19. October 1817 at the place of the duel between Aaron Burr and Alexander Hamilton in Weehawken (new Yersey) was delivered. Both remained however intact.

After its return also Perrys enmity with Jesse Duncan Elliott lived , which he had replaced as a commander on the Eriesee. The renewed argument led to a demand for duel Elliotts, which rejected Perry however. Instead it requested a court martial against Elliott, to which it accused heavy obligation injuries in the battle on the Eriesee. The US Government had however little interest in one legal proceedings, since this would split a public scandal to excite and US Navy, why president James Monroe decided to accomplish the procedure not. In order to calm down and divert the impetuous Perry, it entrusted to it the execution of a diplomatic mission in Venezuela .

Perry segelte in addition in June 1819 with the frigate USS John Adam for the delta of the Orinoko, where he transferred to the Schoner USS Nonsuch and with this the Orinoko upward for Angostura, which traveled capital at that time of Venezuela. Perry reached the city to 27. July 1819 and was for the completion of its tasks two and a half weeks there. Already in this short time 20 crew members of the USS Nonsuch at yellow fever , five got sick died with it. Perry was still healthy, as the ship to 15. August again put down, but later a yellow fever illness occurred two days also with it. While the USS Nonsuch tried to reach haven OF Spain on Trinidad its condition worsened dramatically, to it to 23. August 1819, its 34. Birthday, on lake before Trinidad died briefly.

He was buried with full military honours in haven OF Spain and thus on British soil. one brought its mortal remnants to 1826 after new haven and buried her there. Honours Perrys became several places (Perry (New York), Perrysburg (Ohio), Hazard (Kentucky) and Counties (of districts) (Perry County (Alabama), Perry County (Kentucky) and Perry County (Pennsylvania)) after it designated, just as several ships of US Navy, last the guided weapon frigate USS of olive Hazard Perry (FFG-7), which was name-giving for the olive Hazard Perry class.

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