Olive Nölken

of olive Nölken

of olive Nölken (* 24. February 1973 in Soest) was from 2000 to spring 2004 federal press speakers of the lesbians and gays in the union.

Nölken studied the jurisprudence at the Ruhr University Bochum after its Abitur 1991 at the Conrad of Soest High School in Soest. It was many years long chairmen of the RCDS Hochschulgruppe in Bochum. In the student parliament of the Ruhr University Nölken dissociated itself 1997 from the complaints against the general political mandate.

Was from 1997 to 1998 Nölken of Federal leaders of the RCDS.

Olive Nölken works since conclusion of his study as a judge in North-Rhine/Westphalia.

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