Olive Neuville

of olive Neuville in the leotard of the national team

of olive Neuville (* 1. May 1973 in Locarno, Switzerland) is a Swiss-German football player.

It played as a Stürmer in the soccer federal league for Hansa Rostock and Bavarian Leverkusen. Before it had accumulated for the fiber plastic Locarno , Servette Geneva and CD Teneriffa. To the season 2004/2005 he changed from Leverkusen to Borussia Moenchengladbach, where he could succeed at first attempt and as master players was established.

With the national team it denied so far 52 international matches (conditions: 23. March 2006) and obtained 6 gates. To 2. September 1998 stood for Neuville against Malta (2: 1) for the first time for Germany at the place. 2002 it participated with the team in the soccer world championship in South Korea and Japan and became vice-world champion. Neuville had the largest German scoring chance in the final game against Brazil, but its freistoss landed only at the post.

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