Olive Pocher

of olive Pocher (* 18. February 1978 in Hanover) is a German Comedian and entertainer.

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biography buildup approximately as a son of Gerd Pocher and Jutta Pocher in Hanover. While it belonged to its childhood, how its parents, the religious community Jehovas took part witnesses on and actively in the actions of the religious community as for instance that distributes the magazines „being awake tower “and „awoke!“. According to its youth Pocher separated according to own data from the witnesses Jehovas. However it calls itself further as a gläubigen Christian.

Pocher visited the six-form high school in Isernhagen and locked this 1993 with the middle ripe one . Afterwards it began training as the insurance buyer with the signals Iduna building-saves AG, which it successfully locked. During its training he worked in sideline activity at several Radiosendern and as a disc jockey in clubs and on family celebrations. In addition it finally arose in the Comedian grouping Holla Bolla and as warm Upper with Birte Karalus . After Pocher had terminated its training, he still worked for the Swiss life insurance and annuity bank AG as well as for the HDI life insurance AG.

To 29. September 1999 it was then selected during a television broadcast by Hans Meiser by the music transmitter VIVA for an one-week guest presentation of the television broadcast interactive. By this attained it later a fixed employment and moderated the transmissions Chart Surfer, which goes off , planet Viva and to lastly 2002 its own transmission of all Pocher, with VIVA from now on… or which?. Starting from that 25. May 2002 played Pocher the Fred in the pool of broadcasting corporations TV serial Sternenfänger.

By January 2003 up to 13. April 2006 moderated olive Pocher its transmission Rent A Pocher, which ran regularly on pro filters. Continued to create Pocher as well as the Brainpool TV GmbH in September 2003 the production company Pocher TV GmbH, which is responsible for its marketing since that time. By it it holds 33.33% as well as the Raab TV production for GmbH 66.67%.

To 6. October 2005 won Pocher the music price Comet in the category liveComedy. In addition it was appointed in the same year in the context of its television broadcast Rent A Pocher the official team head of the national soccer team by Sansibar. Olive Pocher is besides official WM - Ambassadors of the city Hanover.

Since that 3. April 2006 is radiated Pochers transmission Pochers WM-Countdown with pro filters. To 28. April 2006 appears Pochers first single „black and white “, which are an official fan song to the soccer world championship. To 26. July 2006 receives to Pocher then its first main role in the filming of the radio play Hui Buh, it plays there the recent and somewhat einfältigen spirit of a Fahrstuhlführers from early 20. Century.

Apart from its regular appearances in the rubbish Comedy club is Pocher frequently guest with numerous television broadcasts and talc shows like for example bets that.? or the Harald Schmidt show.


olive Pocher is admitting fan of the soccer association Hanover 96 and shows this also quite often during its television broadcasts and appearances. It calls itself gladly as a B-Promi (prominent second class) and describes also its own life often very distorted, then the biography reads itself on its Website rather like a joke and is no seriously meant self-manifestation. In far parts of Germany Pocher attained a kind cult status by the advertising spots approximately around the electrical specialized trade MediaMarkt and became thus, at least briefly, a genuine „A-Promi “.

Scandals around Pocher at the beginning of

of July 2005 Pocher ensured approximately for a small scandal, as it in that a Second Channel of German Television - show Gottschalk & Friends Pop Diva Mariah Carey insulted and by water bespuckte. But it was criticized sharply by some newspapers and the Second Channel of German Television. Gottschalk remained however very left and commentated the thing as follows: „I would not like natural that one amuses themselves with me at expense of others and is carried after the transmission the corpses by the field. If one in-loads Pocher, one knows however before that then the clay/tone is another than with Biolek. “

Due to the offense „you see completely beautifully old out for your age “opposite a Zuschauerin during bets that.?- Transmission to 22. January 2005 was sued Pocher by this for payment of smart money at a value of € 25.000. Despite a telephone apology by Pocher, which he repeated later in one of his transmissions, it could not settle the conflict out of court. At the 11. January 2006 was finally condemned Pocher by the regional court Hanover to the payment of smart money at a value of € 6.000.

Pocher and the Wikipedia

to 29. September 2005 made olive Pocher in its transmission Rent A Pocher a change in the Wikipedia article over itself . It described itself in its changes (corresponding) as a top model with international experiences with Kate Moss, Bodybuilder, dte never swarm, sweet Boy and tendency cannon. This action led after the radiant emittance on the television to numerous Vandalismen in the article. It was edited it in the following 48 hours over 700 times. This number cannot be determined however exactly, since several Wikipedianer tried to prevent this. It becomes from approx. 500 working on vandalistischer nature gone out.

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