Olympique Marseille

Olympique Marseille (official Olympique de Marseille) is 1899 a created French soccer association. It belonged 1932 to the initial members of the division 1.

After champions the League - profit 1993 came Olympiqe Marseille by a bribery scandal into the headlines: The association president at that time Berne pool of broadcasting corporations Tapie was condemned to four years prison, which became Meistertitel of 1993 the crew denied and it became obligation-transferred into the second French league.

The stadium “Stade Vélodrome “was extended for the soccer world championship 1998 to 60.000 spectator places.

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acquaintance persons of the association

Cadre season 2005/06



  • 02 - Brasilianer Andre Luis
  • 03 - Nigerianer Taye Ismalia Taiwo
  • 04 - Brasilianer Demetrius Ferreira
  • 05 - Franzose Frédéric Déhu
  • 12 - Ivorer Abdoulaye Meïté
  • 21 - Franzose Alain Cantareil
  • 23 - Senegalese Habib Beye
  • 26 - Slowene Bostjan Cesar
  • 28 - Argentinier Renato Civelli
  • 34 - Senegalese Khalifa Elhadj Ba

centre zone


  • 09 - Franzose Toifilou Maoulida
  • 11 - Senegalese Mamadou Niang
  • 13 - Argentinier Christian Gimenez
  • 25 - Franzose Mickaël Pagis
  • 31 - Franzose Fabrice Begeorgi


Olympique Marseille delivers its Heimspiele in the Stade Vélodrome, which contains no more cycle track despite the name since 1998. This named-giving course was removed on the occasion of the renovations to the soccer world championship in France from the plant. The Stade Vélodrome offers place for approx. 60,000 spectators and is so the largest stadium of the country used for association plays. Larger only the Stade de France is in Paris, which serves as national stadium (thus for international matches and cup final games), without having an association for local history.

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