Olympic summer games 1996

the plays of the XXVI. 19 found Olympiad of. July up to 4. August 1996 in Atlanta (the USA) instead of. Atlanta was entrusted 1990 with delivering. Other candidate cities were Athens, Belgrade, Manchester, Melbourne and Toronto. Particularly Athenshope had made itself, since the first olympic plays of the modern times took place 100 years before there. Therefore the choice of Atlanta came somewhat surprisingly. As arguments against Athens it was stated that the infrastructure could not be improved in time. Athens received then the addition for those Olympic summer games 2004.

XXVI. Olympic summer games
Olympische Ringe
participating nations 197
participating athletes of 10,320 (6,797 men, 3,523 women)
competitions 271 in 26 kinds of sport
opening 19. July 1996
conclusion celebration 4. August 1996
opens olympic torch/flare
by Bill Clinton olympic oath Teresa
Edward basketball Hobie Billingsly (
combat judge) Muhammad Ali

Medal mirror
place country G S B total
1 the USA 44 32 25 101
2 Russia 26 21 16 63
3 Germany 20 18 27 65
4 People's Republic of China 16 22 12 50
5 France 15 7 15 37
6 Italy 13 10 12 35
7 Australia 9 9 23 41
8 Cuba 9 8 8 25
9 Ukraine 9 2 12 23
10 South Korea 7 15 5 27
11 Poland 7 5 5 25
12 Hungary 7 4 10 21
complete medal mirror

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high points

  • in former times high point of the plays was the inflammation of the olympic flame by the former Boxer Muhammad Ali gotten sick with Parkinson.
  • Undisputed high point of the plays was the world record over 200 m von Michael Johnson.

outstanding sportsmen

  • Again once a Turner won most medals: the Russian Alexej Nemow won two gold, one silver and three bronze medals.
  • The best Germans were this time the riders: Isabell Werth won the single and crew gold medal in the Dressurreiten. Ulrich Kirchhoff became single and crew olympia winner in the jumping riding.
  • The plays in Atlanta for Karch Kiraly likewise successfully ended, to that in the Beachvolleyball its third olympic gold medalgot. The first two gold medals secured itself it 1984 and 1988 with the team the USA (Hallenvolleyball).

worth mentioning

  • of German color bearers with the opening celebration was the Fechter Arnd Schmitt.
  • The opening celebration and the 100jährigen anniversary became the oldest living olympia winner, the 97-jährige SlovenianTurner Leon Štukelj invited.
  • To 27. July came it in the Olympic park to a bomb assassination attempt, with which two humans were killed and 111 was hurt.


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