name: Ontariosee
situation: zw. Canada and the USA
geo count. Situation:
Coordinates: 43° 41 ′ 42 " N, 77° 57 ′ 31 " W
43° 41 ′ 42 " N, 77° 57 ′ 31 " W
surface 18,960 km ²
maximum depth: 244 m
of supplies: Niagara River
of discharges: Pc.Lawrence River
height over NN: 75 m
larger cities on the bank: Toronto, Mississauga, smelling ester, Hamilton
characteristics: The smallest of the large seas

of situation of the Ontariosees under the large lakes

of the Ontariosee (also Ontario lake, English. Lake Ontario) the smallest of the five large lakes of North America ( upper lake, Michigan, Huron, Erie and Ontariosee) is which all by river courses is interconnected.

By it the border of the USA runs to Canada. It is on 75 m over NN, its surface amounts to 18,960 km ² and goes on 244 m depth of water. The main supply is made by the cases of Niagara from the Eriesee and the discharge by means of the sinking Lorenz stream. Other rivers like the Trent River, the gene lake River, that Oswego River and the Salmon River flow into the lake.

The water from this lake is used also for the potable water supply and for the cooling of office buildings in the city Toronto (see DLWC).

As is the case for the other large lakes of North Americatides - differently than with all remaining fresh water waters - are noticeable also with the Ontariosee.

Lake Ontario, sand bank Provincial park

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