OPEL senator

OPEL senator (1983-1987)
OPEL senator (1983-1987)
OPEL Monza (1983-1987)
OPEL Monza (1983-1987)

the OPEL senator is a model row of the car manufacturer OPEL, which was presented on the IAA 1977 as successors for the straight run out models admiral and diplomat and delivered starting from the following spring.

Parallel to the senator the OPEL Monza was presented and delivered, which represented a two-door Coupé variant senator of A with large rear flap. The role of the top model of OPELs fulfilled the senator until 1993, now however no independent, but one of the record E (senator A) and/or. Omega A (senator B, starting from 1987) derived body possessed. From the senator B there was no more Coupé variant. A successor senator of B was not no more developed due to the too small sales figures.

In addition the OPEL senator A served as basis for bitterly the sports club

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technical and optically was very similar the senator A/Monza A to the record E and the Commodore C: all models use the same body base. Commodore and senator/Monza possess an extended front, the senator regarding the row six cylinder additionally differently arranged Hinterbereich, outwardly also recognizably from the third side window. Senator and Monza have besides diagonal steering wheel in place of the Starrachse of record and Commodore. The front of Commodore and senator/Monza differs only in the radiator grille, which gives it its own appearance, although it does not differ at all so much.

senator/Monza A1

the senator A1/Monza A1 was built from 1978 to 1983. Originally there were three motorizing: still of the admiral/diplomat 2,8-Liter-Vergasermotor with 140 HP in the senator admitted 2.8 S, a 3,0-Liter-Vergasermotor with 150 HP in the senator 3.0 S and the 3,0-Liter-Einspritzmotor (180 HP) in the senator to the 3.0 E, which was equipped with a Bosch L-Jetronic and thus substantially more efficient. The top model represented the equipment variant “CD”, which in series contained many automatic transmissions inclusive for the senator available equipment details. The “CD” was available only with the 3,0-Liter-Einspritzmotor. In the year 1981 the 2,8-Liter-Motor was replaced by a 2,5-Liter-Einspritzmotor. The subsequent model was called senator 2.5 E (136 HP). This engine was offered parallel in the Commodore C.

1982 after

a Facelift the senator A2/Monza a2 was presented to senator/Monza a2, which starting from March 1983 was available. The entire front of the vehicle was fundamentally changed. At the tail of the vehicle between the tail lamps one was attached the optics of the tail lamps adapted screen, the characteristic found its place since then within the lower range on the bumpers manufactured now from plastic. The engine 3.0 E received an oil cooler, an again-arranged crankshaft for the increase of its life span when high demand and the improved bosch LE fuel injection system.

Starting from 1983 as entrance motorizing of the 2,0-Liter-Vierzylinder-Einspritz-Motor (81 KW/110 HP) from the record E one offered, which 1984 were replaced by the torque-stronger 2,2-Liter-Einspritzmotor (85 KW/115 HP). In addition the 2,3-Liter turbo-Diesel from the record E was available , starting from 1985 gave it as technical characteristic the 2,3-Liter-Comprex-Diesel (95 HP) as option for the senator starting from 1984. The 2.5 E engine with 136 HP was offered in senator and Monza likewise still for short time, modified however for model year 1985, offered now more torques and carried now 140 HP out.

The Comprex pressure wave loader was developed by BBC. Starting from 1984 there was beyond that a abs system in the senator (however only in the “CD” in series).

In the last production year still another new 3,0-Liter-Motor with regulated catalyst was then introduced (156 HP).

The senator A became in the following equipment variants offers:

  • Senator (basic model)
  • senator C
  • senator CD

with the Coupe Monza was missing the CD option, of these for it in a sporty variant named GSE was offered (only with 3,0-Liter-Einspritzmotor). In the Monza GSE a Digitaltacho was offered for the first time alternatively, which late in easily amended form was to be found standard in the GSI model of the OPEL cadet E. By the Monza a2 by the company Keinath in Reutlingen 144 Cabrios were built. 22 copies of the Keinath Cabrios were converted to bitterly the sports club Cabrio. The last senator A/Monza A came in March 1987 off the line.

senator B

OPEL senator B
OPEL senator B

1987 was presented parallel to the omega A developed successors senator B. On the IAA 1987 also a two-door Cabrio of the company Keinath stood that however never in series one produced. At first was the 3,0-Liter-Einpritzmotor without catalyst (177 HP), well-known from the predecessor model, and the 3,0-Liter-Einspritzmotor with regulated catalyst (156 HP), likewise well-known from the predecessor, available. For the export beyond that still the 2,5-Liter-Einspritzmotor likewise coming from the predecessor (140 HP) was available. In some countries the senator B was offered beyond that with the 2,3-Liter-Turbodiesel from the omega. Later then - parallel to the omega - a higher performance 3,0-Liter-Variante with regulated Kat (177 HP) was after-pushed. In October 1989 the 3,0-Liter-24-Ventilmotor with variable air intake system (dual RAM) was then introduced, which should remain with 204 HP the final point motorizing. 1990 was taken the engines without catalyst and the 3,0-Liter with 156 HP from the program. Instead now also the 2,6-Liter-Motor with dual RAM (150 HP), used in the omega, represented the entrance motorizing for the senator. In the year 1993 the senator B was finally taken from the program. There is not a successor until today.

The senator B became in the following equipment variants offers:

  • Senator (basis model until model year 1993)
  • senator Business (basis model starting from model year 1993)
  • senator CD

of export models

in England was sold the senator A as Vauxhall Royale with right-hand turn, the Monza had there the designation Royal Coupé. Only the senator B was offered also in England under this designation.

In Australia the senator A with a retouched body with 3,8-Liter-V6-Motoren von Buick and with 5,0-Liter-V8-Motoren von Holden was offered. The models called themselves Commodore and Statesman. In the context of a co-operation with Toyota on the Australian market there were the Holden Commodore also under the label name Toyota Lexcen.

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