Opera buffa

as Opera buffa (“amusing opera”, musical comedy; also jokeful opera), contrary to the Opera seria, a form of the opera is designated, those in Neapel (Giovanni Battista Pergolesi) and Venice (Baldassare Galuppi) at the same time howthe Intermezzo as mehraktige manifestation of the amusing concert hall developed. Opera buffa is characterized by treatment of popular or amusing topics, the resort to the bar hoar frost comedy (COMM dia. dell'arte) and the occasional Parodieren of the Opera seria. Characteristic characteristics of the Buffostils are the Secco Rezitativ, the Parlando and repeating short melody cliches.

If one regards “Opera buffa” as generic term for the Italian amusing opera, then one can count also Pergolesis “La serva padrona ” to early successes of this kind (1733). 1752 solved Pergolesi into of Paris the first large opera controversybetween its trailers, the “Buffonisten”, and the advocates of the serious Tragédie lyrique (Lully, Rameau) out. In the Viennese repertoire played the Opera buffa in 18. Century an important role. Nevertheless Vienna for the development of the kind was a Nebenschauplatz, there also the threeMusic comedies Mozart, “La finta semplice “(the adjusted fold in, KV 51), „Così fan tutte “(so machen's everything, KV 588) and” Le nozze di Figaro “(the wedding of the Figaro) for the development of the Opera buffa remained altogether insignificant.

Under FrenchInfluence developed end 18. Century from the Opera buffa the type of the Opera semiseria. The Dramma giocoso as a mixture from serious and cheerful elements to define, is a far common mistake, that by the linguistic usage 18. Century one does not support.Also Mozart “Don Giovanni “first as Opera buffa one regarded and only in the course 19. Century differently interpreted.

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