Operation Northwoods

approved document to operation Northwoods [1]

operation Northwoods is written an US-American secret plan, the 1962 by the general staff and to 13. March 1962 president John F. Kennedy was submitted. To over dreissigjähriger secrecy he came 1997/98 by the Freedom OF information actto the public.

contents of the document

the document were written with the intention of winning a general agreement and support for a military invasion from Cuba to. The chiefs of staff assumed population of US would support a military attack on Cuba only then,if threatening and aggressive actions of the island nation had preceded the attack against American soldiers, civilians, Cuba refugees or Exilkubaner.

The document covers the production of falsified attacks with fictitious victims, in other cases leaves open it whether the attacks should be diversionary manoeuvres or genuine actions. For someAttacks was expressly considered converting it into the reality. According to the successful operation Northwoods was planned a further co-ordination by the CIA.

Some recommendations of the operation Northwoods read:

  • Spreading of wrong rumors over Cuba by secret Radiosender
  • production of attacks, sabotage and rebellions with following in each caseAccusation of the Cuban troops
  • sinking an American ship in the Guantanamo Bay
  • destruction of an American military basis or an American airplane, following accusation of Cuban troops
  • „disturbance of civilian air traffic, attacks on ships and destruction of a US military aircraft by airplanes of the type MIG
  • destruction one allegedly alsoholidays traveler student of filled Passagierflugzeuges
  • production of one „terror action “: By means of „actual or simulated “sinking of Cuban refugees „we could develop a communist Cuban terror action within the range Miami and in other cities of Florida, likewise in Washington. The terror action could be directed against Cuban refugees, into that The USA to land look for. We could sink one on the way after Florida boat charge present Kubaner. We could publish assassination attempts far away in Cuban refugees in the USA and the kind of the injuries. “

the consequences

the document became by John F. Kennedy rejected and ledwith the defeat of the invasion in the pig bay to the fact that Kennedy rejected the repeated demands of the military militärisch-industriellen of complex to a war entrance. After the defeat in the pig bay Kennedy dismissed the CIA director all Welsh Dulles, the Deputy Director Charles P. Cabell and Deputy director Smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Bissell.

Kennedy undertook steps toward completion of the cold war and paramilitärischer operations of the CIA, by writing national the Security Action memorandum (NSAM), which shifted the guidance of the cold war to the chiefs of staff and in the Pentagon, as well as a fundamental change thatRole of the CIA excluding as secret service prescribed

nowadays sees some to the so-called. Conspiracy theoretician - those thus, those the official version of the act course of events of the terrorist attacks at the 11. September 2001 in the USA doubt and the actual authors in the circle of the military-secretofficial elite of the USA assume- in operation Northwoods a planning game, that as model for the events of the 11. September 2001 served.

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