the Operette, (the designation comes from the Italian and is called literally translated “small opera”) is a musical stage work, that probably from the Singspiel, not however - as one could conclude from the name - from the operadeveloped and in the one usually possenhafte action is marking by spoken dialogue. Originally the Operette wanted to take the conventional classical opera with cheerful contents and quick rhythms on the Schippe.

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the new music kind, Operette, developed parallel in France and in Vienna. 1858 became in Paris the Operette Orpheus in the underworld by Jacques open brook with large successspecified.

Afterwards also the Viennese Operette could obtain large successes. Composers such as Franz of Suppé, Johann bunch, Karl Millöcker and Carl Zeller became very famous by their Operetten.

Also in Berlin the Operette finally gained a foothold and composerlike smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Heuberger, Franz Lehár, Leo case, or Leon Jessel could lead their works to large success. The “citizens of Berlin Operette” experienced by Paul Lincke, Walter package, Willi package and other one an own style.

In Englandthe Operetten (“Savoy Operas “) of Arthur Sullivan very popular and in Spain became experienced the special form of the “Zarzuela “a bloom time.

The gloss time of the Operette would be allowed to do around the turn of 19. in 20. Century beenits. After the First World War it was displaced by the revue. However still successes could be obtained also in the 20's and until the Second World War.

In Dresden Leuben it gives up until today with the Staatsoperette DresdenOperetten specialized theatre. It is the last independent of its kind in Germany.

other forms

however were designated recent compositions then rather than Singspiel (z. B. The cousin from Dingsda, in the white Rössl). Those became laterMusic kind Operette then of the musical as its modern advancement displaces to a large extent.

acquaintance Operettenkomponisten and their works

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