a Orakel (lat.) is a göttliche revealing, which is to give information on the future in form of an indication (or by direct input by a medium).

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interpretation needyness

natural having all Orakel be interpreted and is the desire the father of the thought as well known.Dependently they are thus of the person, those the Orakel, which can read göttliche revealing, and from the person, who accepts and interprets the answer. Occasionally also this person is called Orakel.

demarcation Orakel, Hellsehereiand Prophetie

the Orakel differs from the Hellseherei by the fact that the Orakel conveys revealing a God, while lightrather by its own hellseherische gift the information attains.

The Orakel differs from the Prophetie by the fact that the Orakel questionsanswers, while to the prophet göttliche revealing ungefragt assign becomes.

Orakel would fulfill in former times the function, which fulfill today future researchers: By predicting the future, they gave means to the decision makers to the hand to justify their decisions on the basis these forecasts.

to Orakel in different cultures

old Israel

see Urim and Tummim

antique Greece

already in the antique Greece gave it to Orakel, is the most well-known of which the Orakel of Delphi. Further important antiqueOrakelstätten were Ephyra, Olympia, Dodona, Klaros, Didyma and the ammonium in the oasis Siwa. They lost 4 since that. Century v. Chr. up to 4. Century n. Chr.at meaning. In the broader sense is alsoto count the Sibylle from Cumae to the Orakeln.

Roman antique ones

in the state cult of the Romans tried the Pontifices and Flamines the future from himmlischen indications (lightning and. To fathom thunder) or the bird flight. The Haruspices provided Orakel,by reading in entrails of the Opfertiere. The latter decreased/went back to etruskische traditions .


the context of the Tibetan culture area one finds Orakel to Tibet both in the Bön of the vorbuddhistischen religion Tibets, and in some schools of the Tibetan Buddhismus. In the buddhistischen Gelug - school is well-known in particular the Nechung Orakel. The buddhistische protection divinity Pekar, the former protection spirit of the monastery Samye, avails itself, after the excessive quantity, since more as four centuries regularly a monk than medium,in order to predict and lead around the Tibetan government by pieces of advice future events. The monk serving as medium has therefore largest reputation in the Gelug medal. Due to its frequent, very strength-living Orakel drinking, he has a small life expectancy however in all rule only.The Nechung - Orakel is nowadays still most important Staatsorakel of the Tibetan government-in-exile and the Dalai Lama.

other forms

modern trend forms are the internal ton blade, the Orakel of Leipzig and the Orakel of Emmen.

Besides givesit also so-called Orakel or true legend maps, which are used for the same purpose.

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