Orchidee of the yearly

the Orchidee of the yearly is gekürt annually since the year 1989 by the working groups domestic Orchideen (AHO) from the domestic Orchideenwelt.

The selection of the Orchidee of the yearly takes place after the endangerment of the kind or its habitat via humans.

Past Orchideen of the yearly

1989 Breitblättriges Knabenkraut Dactylorhiza majalis
1990 pyramid-dog-pepper Anacamptis pyramidalis
1991 small Knabenkraut Orchis morio
1992 large two-sheet Listera ovata
1993 helmet boy herb Orchis militaris
1994 sump gloss herb Liparis loeselii
1995 bee-rise up-pepper Ophrys apifera
1996 yellow lady's-slipper Cypripedium calceolus
1997 bug boy herb Orchis coriophora
1998 sump Stendelwurz Epipactis palustris
1999 support belt tongue Himantoglossum hircinum
2000 red forest small bird Cephalanthera titles
2001 autumn-turningpepper Spiranthes spiralis
2002 bird-nest-pepper Neottia nidus advice
2003 fly-rise up-pepper Ophrys insectifera
the 2004 Greens hollow tongue Coeloglossum viride
2005 fire boy herb Orchis ustulata
2006 Breitblättrige Stendelwurz Epipactis helleborine
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