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Karte der USA, Oregon hervorgehoben

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base data
pointed name: Beaver state
(Beaver State)
capital: Salem
largest city: Haven country
rank (within the USA): 9
altogether: 255,026 km ²
Country: 248,849 km ²
water (%): 6,177 km ² (2.4%)
rank (within the USA): 28
altogether (2000): 3.421.399
density: 13.4/km ²
member state
place: 33
since: 14. February 1859
time belt: Pacific: UTC-8/-7
Mountain: UTC-7/-6
degree of latitude: 42°N to 46°15'N
degree of longitude: 116°45'W to124°30'W
broad: 420 km
length: 580 km
highest situation: 3,426 m
average situation: 1,005 m
deepest situation: 0 m
governor: Ted Kulongoski
postal: OR
ISO 3166-2: US-OR

Oregon [ˈɑːɹɪgn̩] is a Federal State in the westthe USA at the Pacific ocean. It borders on California, Washington, Idaho and Nevada. The northern border forms the river Columbia, the eastern Snake River. The two mountain massifs running in north south direction, the Coastal rank and the Cascade Mountain rank, form the two collections, which include the Willamette Valley. The highest collection is the Mount Hood. The western and northern Oregon is one of the most fruitful and agriculturally most productive areas of the earth. The western Oregon is notorious for frequent rains; is eastern of the cascadesthe climate rather arid.

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Karte Oregons
map Oregons

Oregon resident originally a multiplicity of Indian trunks like the Bannocks, the Chinooks, the Klamaths and those Nez Perce. James Cook discovered the coast Oregons 1778 on the search for the northwest passage. The expedition of Lewis and Clark traveled on instruction of Thomas Jefferson by this area, in order to explore it for the purchase of Louis IANA („Louis IANA Purchase “).Their winter camps broke it open in the place from away Clatsop in the proximity of the river Columbia River . The investigation by Lewis and Clark (1805 - 1806) as well as by the Britisher David Thompson (1811) showed that it in the area none Furs or minks gave. 1811 established the New Yorker investor Johann Jakob Astor the away Astoria at the delta of the river Columbia River, in order to create a commercial post of the Pacific for company. Away Astoria was the first durable settlement of white ones in Oregon. In the British the possession attained British-American war of 1812 over all commercial posts.

Into the 1820er and the 1830er years the area was controlled by the British Hudson Bay company. John McLoughlin, the power of attorney gate of the region used by the company, established away Vancouver 1825.

In the years 1842 - 43 reached more settler the Oregon. Threatened a renewed war between the USA and Great Britain, whose control of the area was back-pushed toward it.

Into the 1880er the region experienced an upswing for the first time, after the railway lines the trade also Wood and wheat enormously favoured.

Columbia River began the industrielle expansion only late with the establishment of the Bonneville of dam 1943 for the congestion of the river.


the governor von Oregon govern four years. Beside a senate with thirty seats a house of representatives existswith sixty seats. Oregon sends two senators and six delegates into the US senate and/or. into the US house of representatives.

See: List of the governors von Oregon


the population amounted to in the year 2004 3.594.586 inhabitants.

largest cities

City County inhabitant
1.April 2000 1. July 2004
haven country Multnomah 529,121 533,492
Eugene Lane 137,893 142,681
Salem Marion 136,924 146,120
Gresham Multnomah 90,205 95,376
Beaverton Washington 76,129 82,907
Hillsboro Washington 70,186 81,854
Medford Jackson 63,154 68,099
Springfield Lane 52,864 55,048
Bend Deschutes 52,029 62,937
Corvallis Benton 49,322 50.380
Tigard Washington 41,223 46,860
Albany Linn 40,852 43,889
Lake Oswego Clackamas 35,278 36,368
Keizer Marion 32,203 34,414


such as Alaska, Delaware, Montana and New Hampshire does not raise Oregon a value added tax.


„rock of heap of hay “with Cannon Beach

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