Organization for Economic CO operation and development

the organization for Economic Cooperation and development (OECD, interpret.: Organization for economic co-operation and development) is an international, strictly intergovernmentale organization. It has its seat in Paris.

Member states

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the OECD becomes also as the organization of the States of that First world designates. Nearly everything of the 30 states is industrialized countries. (Conditions 01/2005)

statutory ones of goals of the OECD are

  • to be contributed to an optimal economic development and a rising standard of living in their member states
  • to promote in their member countries and the developing countries the economic growth
  • oneTo favour expansion of the world trade.

This very general objective makes it possible to her to react very flexibly to new questions.

structure and decision making

the OECD is no supranational organization, but has rather the character of a permanently meeting conference.The organization is strictly intergouvernmental written, their resolutions is not binding. At its point stands the advice, that meets in relatively short distances and is represented in that all members with their Permanent Representative. Usually once per yearthe advice on Minister level meets. All decisions and recommendations require the unanimity, however the possibility of the abstention exists; if a country of this possibility makes use, it does not have to use the recommendation concerned. The practical work finds in specialized committees and working groupsinstead of, in which beside government representatives also independent experts can be represented, who take however only an advisory function.

The organizational line of the OECD is incumbent on the secretariat, which on five years a selected Secretary-General manages. It is represented and supported throughfour vice-Secretaries-General. Among them there is 11 arranged according to technical criteria you acct rate with one director each at the point.

Since 1996 the Canadian is Donald J. John clay/tone acting Secretary-General. In June 2006 it becomes by its successor already appointed fishing rod Gurríafrom Mexico replaced. This is the first Secretary-General of the OECD, which does not come from one richest industrialized countries.

Altogether secretariat and you acct rate understand themselves primarily as think tank, which recognizes problems promptly and presents solution types for discussion. Large one The OECD rendered services by its work within the statistic range and as forum for exchange of experience.


as forerunner organization of the OECD became to 16. April 1948 of 18 European countries the organization for European EconomicCO operation (OEEC) based to compile and convert over a common concept to the economic reconstruction and to co-operation. A primary goal was it, the European countries into the decision-making process over the use of the funds from the European Recovery Program (ERP - “To merge Mars resounding plan “).

The OEEC was transferred of establishment states of the OECD in September 1961 into the OECD, is thereby Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Greece, Ireland, Iceland, Italy, Canada, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, Norway, Austria, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Turkey, the united kingdom andthe United States.

member states

Mitgliedstaaten der OECD
member states of the OECD

in Europe

outside of Europe

special institutions of the OECD

  • CERI Centre for Educational Research and innovation
  • DEV development Centre
  • ECMT European Conference OF of Minister OF transport
  • IEA internationally Energy Agency
  • NEA Nuclear Energy Agency
  • Sahel SAW and west Africa club
  • SIGMA support for Improvement in Governance and management in cent ral and Eastern European Countries

OECD studies

  • regular reports on the situation in the countries for economic development in the member countries
  • restaurant economics for the OECD countries(2x annually)
  • to Employment Outlook (annual)
  • Science and Technology Outlook
  • Urban Renaissance
  • PISA study

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