base data
capital: Kisangani
surface: 503,239 km ²
inhabitants: 5.566.000 (estimated, 1998)
population density: 11.0 Einw. /km ² (estimated, 1998)
ISO 3166-2: CD-HC

Orientale (dt. East) is a province of the democratic Republic of the Congo with the capital Kisangani.


the province lies in the northeast of the country and borders in the northwest on the Central African republic, in the northeast on the Sudan, in the south on the provinces Kasai Oriental Maniema and north Kivu, in the west on the province Équateur and in the east on Uganda.


the province was already created during the Belgian colonial age. From 1933 to 1947 she was called after its capital Stanleyville (frz.) and/or. Stanleystad (ndl.) (today's Kisangani). 1962 were dissolved Orientale and divided into the provinces the skin Congo (the upper Congo) , Kibali Ituri and Uele. Four years later (1966) the province was restored. 1971 were renamed the province in skin Zaire (upper Zaire ). With the end of the rule of Mobutu Sese Seko in the year 1997 the province was renamed likewise like the Republic of Zaire. First again in the skin Congo and still within the same yearly it received to its current names.

planned dissolution

with the Verabschiedung of a new condition in May 2005 is to be reorganized the Congo. Orientale is to be divided in four new provinces:

  • Bas Uele with the capital Buta
  • skin Uele with the capital Isiro
  • Ituri with the capital Bunia
  • Tshopo with the capital Kisangani


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