Orlando (Florida)

Base data
US Federal State: Florida, flat steel bar
County: Orange County
surface: 100.9 km ²
inhabitants: 205.648 (conditions: 1. July 2004)
Population density: 767.9 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 34 m and. NN
postal zip codes: 32803 - 812, 32817 - 822,
32824 -829, 32831 - 833,
32835 - 837, 32839
preselection: 001,407
geographical situation: 28° 32 ' n. B.
81° 22 ' w. L.
of the city administration:
Town center OF Orlando
400 South orange Avenue
P.O. Box 4990
Orlando, Florida 32802-4990
official Website: Homepage von Orlando
E-Mail address:

Orlando is a city in orange the County in the US Federal State Florida, the USA, with 206.000 inhabitants (conditions: 2004) and seat of the County administration.

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work on

] geography in the east of Florida, approximately on half distance between Miami and Jacksonville. Approximately130 km northeast from Tampa.


in the closer neighbourhood (10 km periphery) are the following cities: Holden Heights, Edgewood, Conway, Pine Castle, Fairview Shores, winter park, barks Isle and Oak Ridge


in the year 1842, briefly after the end of the second Seminolenaufstandes, drew ever more settler after central Florida. One of them, Aaron Jernigan, created Gatlin, the settlement “Jernigan” in the proximity of an old army camp, away. 1857 became the city then after the US officer Orlando Reeves, which was killed 1835 by the Seminolen, designated. Due to the special situation Orlando became in the following decades to the Citrus industry absolutely. After one had put on enormous Plantagen, the largest part of the harvest 1894 by bend Freeze destroyed.

Thatcorrect upswing Orlandos began however only 1964, as if roll Disney 25,000 m ² swampland bought, in order to create with Disney the World department a second entertainment park there after the model of the Disneyland in Anaheim. The construction work for this project was already 1971 final. Into thatthe following years settled many further large firms, a gigantic entertainment center was created. In the region around Orlando there are approximately still approximately 50 further entertainment parks meanwhile except Disney World. Among this parks rank among other things: Universal Studios, of Iceland OF Adventure, Sea World, Shrubs Gardens and Gatorland.


Orlando is traffic-favorably because of the inter+done 4 and the Highway 192 and is very good with the airplane over the airports: “Orlando internationally air haven”, “Orlando Sanford air haven”, “Orlando County air haven” and the “space Coast regionalTo reach air haven " in Titusville.

inhabitants (descent)

the inhabitants are westIndian (3.7%), Italian (4.6%), Irish (8.7%), German (9.8%) and British (7.9%) descent. From the American natives about 6.7% of humans descend.


The main branches of occupation are: Training, health and social: (14.0%), trade/retail trade: (11.2%), future technology, management, administration: (12,7 %).


the climate is mild with a light wind of lake. Statistically it rains on the average in the summer months at 50% thatDays. There are the highest temperatures from May to Octobers with up to 36°C. The coldest months are Decembers until February with on the average 15°C.


  • Metrowest Elementary School (approx. 1,500 pupils)
  • Palmetto Elementary School (approx. 1,350 pupils)
  • Hunters Creek Middle School (approx.1,800 pupils)
  • Discovery Middle School (approx. 1,600 pupils)
  • Meadow Woods Middle School (approx. 1,450 pupils)
  • Stonewall Jackson Middle School (approx. 1,300 pupils)
  • Cypress Creek senior High School (approx. 4,100 pupils)
  • Dr. Phillips High School (approx. 3,800 pupils)
  • Colonial High School (approx. 3,450 pupils)
  • University HighSchool (approx. 3,350 pupils)
  • Edgewater High School (approx. 3,200 pupils)
  • Evans High School (approx. 3,100 pupils)
  • Boone High School (approx. 2,900 pupils)
  • Olympia High School (approx. 2,600 pupils)
  • Oak Ridge High School (approx. 2,400 pupils)
  • Timber Creek High School (approx. 1,800 pupils)
  • Freedom Highschool (approx.3,000 pupils)

resuming educational facilities

  • University OF cent ral Florida (approx. 26,700 students)
  • Valencia Community college (approx. 15,700 students)
  • avoiding Florida Tech University (approx. 1,450 students)
  • Clinton Technical of institutes (approx. 850 students)
  • Florida metropolitan University North Orlando (approx. 600 students)
  • Florida Technical college (approx. 570Student).

Further resuming educational facilities in the periphery from 80 km are:

  • Roll in the college in winter park with approx. 2,900 students
  • University OF Phoenix Orlando in the Maitland with approx. 4,000 students
  • Seminole Community college in Sanford with approx. 5,200 students
  • Stetson University in Deland with approx. 3,000 students
  • Polk Community college in winter Haven with approx. 3,000 students
  • Brevard Community college in Cocoa with approx. 7,200 students
  • Embry Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona Beach with approx. 9,000 students.

a public library, the “orange County LIBRARY” maintains libraries Orlando with approx.1,7 million books and 89,000 audio and 56,000 video documents.


  • park and
  • sport possibilities of dolphins in
  • the “Sea World park

a variety of

17 different city parks as well as several sporty give

hospitals Florida hospital Lakeside alternative hospital Orlando to Medical centers [work on]Mechanisms, as well as play meadows and possibilities for the camping. At sport possibilities soft ball, baseball, football, basketball, Soccer and swimming are offered.

important sport associations


in Orlando gives at present it to 277 different churches from 34 differentDenominations. Under the churches belonging to a denomination the Baptistengemeinde with 75 churches is most strongly represented. Further there are 30 churches belonging to no denomination (conditions: 2004).

demographic data

the average income of a household that is about 35.732 USD,average incomes of a family with 40.648 USD.
Men have an average income of 30.866 USD opposite the women with on the average 25,267 USD. The Pro-Kopf-Einkommen is with 21.216 USD.
15.9% the inhabitant and 13.3% of the families live below the poverty border.
22.0% the inhabitantyears are old and over it come statistically 91.3 men under 18 years and on 100 women starting from 18.
The average age amounts to 33 years. (Conditions: 2000).


the criminality rate has an index of 984,3 points. (See. US state average: ) 2002 there
were 330,6 points5 murders, 121 rapes, 1,034 armed robberies, 2,449 violent attacks on persons, 3,710 break-downs, 11,602 thefts and 2,202 autothefts

of sons and daughters of the city

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