Local part

a local part (better: Quarter and/or. Municipality part) is more define and/or. with own name provided part of a city or a municipality. Either it concerns parts (z. B. Villages or places) from formerly independent municipalities, those by an incorporation in the course of a municipality reformtheir Selbstständigkeit to give up and to municipality parts of a neighbouring or new municipality became or this concerns new residential areas of a city/a municipality (“development areas”) with their own name had, if settling is final.

Depending upon regulation in the Gemeindeordnung of the Land of the Federal Republic local parts know also local part agencies (Locality advice, local advice, local adviser) and own locality administrations as well as a local chief and/or. a local mayor have. Here one speaks then usually of the locality (in the legal sense).

The designation of new local parts is affair of the respective municipality. It must different places (e.g. Archives administration, statistic offices,) It hears post office, land surveying offices etc. make certain and that within the municipality no identical local part names arise.

In the address nature the name of a locality can be also further used. The name of the local part then either called before the road designation or occasionally also by a hyphen to thatMunicipality name attached, e.g.Postal zip code municipality name local part name.

In larger cities local parts are designated depending upon Land of the Federal Republic than urban districts or combined into such. Contrary to local parts, which can have their own locality agency, urban districts must have usually such. Name, mode of election and competencies of these district agenciesvary likewise from Land of the Federal Republic to Land of the Federal Republic. In North-Rhine/Westphalian large cities local parts form unofficial subordinations of quarters, which are again subsets of an urban district.

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