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The OSCAR (actually Academy Award OF Merit) is the most important US-American film price. It becomes annually of the Academy OF Motion Picture kind and Sciences(AMPAS) for the best films of the previous year lent. The last OSCAR award found to 5. March 2006 instead of.

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thoseHonor became 1927 of the president at that time of the MGM of Studios, of Louis B. Mayer, in the life called. She will assign annually in a common ceremony in at present over 30 different categories in form in each case a Statuette, some knight alsorepresents to a sword on a Filmrolle.

Into the selection for award one or also several Oscars mainly American features come. In own in each case categories short, dokumentar, animation and foreign films become premium ore. For the qualification of an American feature to the selectionthe condition applies that it in the previous year of the award at least seven days long in a public cinema in the area of Los Angeles County - which homeland district was shown by Hollywood - against payment.

A OSCAR Statuette is 34.29 cm highly,gold-shining and about 3.85 kg heavily. Apart from exceptions to times of war (see Academy FAQ) it actually consists at the surface of pure gold. The draft to the Statuette comes from the Filmarchitekt at that time (kind Director) the Metro Goldwyn Mayer (MGM), Cedric Gibbons.

The guidance of the price-lending academy was again selected in August 2005. The film producer simmer Ganis takes over thereafter the presidency of the academy of franc Pierson and becomes a president; vices-president the OSCAR winner became Tom Hanks and the film composer Arthur Hamilton selected.

The 78. OSCAR award found to 5. March 2006 in Kodak the Theatre in Hollywood (California) instead of. The Academy shifted the originally planned date one week, thereby the award not with the olympic winter plays in Turin to compete had.


toward end of the 1920er years was the American film industry in a crisis. New inventions - for example the radio - led to the fact that any longer so many humans did not flow into the cinemas. Forthe powerful ones in large Studios broke difficult times on: The formation of trade unions also in the film industry led to the fact that they did not pay themselves further unhindered record wages and the workers abspeisen in their Studios with a Hungerlohncould. In the context of demonstrations more wages and the introduction of regulated employer-employee relationships were demanded. Besides Studios the censors sat in the neck. The appointed large ones did not have it no more easily.

The Boss of at that time very successful and very influential Metro Goldwyn Mayer Studios,Of Louis B. Mayer, met with two good friends, in order to argue with this problem. Together with Conrad nail and Fred Niblo he invented an instrument, that the art of the film making would embody and a central controlling of the interests thatFilm-creative to ensure should: An academy seemed to fulfill these requirements.

At the 11. January 1927 was organized a Gala Dinner, with which 33 influential and considerable film sizes arrived themselves, in order to create the “Academy OF Motion Picture kind and Sciences”. Under themwere famousnesses as for instance Douglas fair bank, Mary Pickford, Cecil B. DeMille, the Warner Brothers and other one. With the first official flank of the academy at the 11. May 1927, at which were present over 250 film-creating, celebrated themselvesthe founders of the academy as promoters of film art and technology. And seemed actual the idea move resemblance to find: The guests loaded over 250 let themselves be asked not for a long time and became immediately members of the new academy.

OSCAR Statuette

one gave thatAcademy statutes. It should stand fixed, about which the academy had to worry tasks. Was not from a price there yet at all the speech. Of an honour for outstanding achievements only in a subordinate clause in paragraph 7.

At the beginning of of 1928one decided to carry out this point 7. As the honour, was up to then still nobody should look clear. Up to the year end the price took however slowly forms: With a golden knight, who stood on a Filmrolle, special should Achievements to be appreciated.

To 16. May 1929 was for the first time assigned the price. Interested that at that time however hardly someone: Twelve statues were assigned with a closed Dinner and the winners were already one week before to a Zeitungsinserat tooinfer. The first „best actress “of the academy, Janet Gaynor, brought it year later on the point: “Over the meeting with Douglas fair bank I was pleased at that time much more than about the strange price. ”

The German actor Emil Janningswas the first actor, who was distinguished with the Academy Award, when best leading actor in the film the way of all meat (1927), direction Victor Fleming (from the film today no more copies are discoverably and also from the delivery of the honor are to find no more Filmmaterial). This honor applied at the same time also to its one year later for turned film the last instruction (1928), direction Josef of star mountain. The price was handed over to him prematurely 1929, there Jannings on the way back afterGermany was. With this honor Jannings is also a first and only German actor, who won him in this category.

The interest in the family award of the prize rose little, as one it 1930 for the first time in the radiotransferred. But still the “Academy Award OF Merit” was a footnote in the American film industry. Only 1941 could be broken in the academy a skillful advertising trick. A film is only half so interesting, if one already knows, how he ends.Why thus should one the winners already in advance admits to give? Since 1941 the names of the winners in sealed envelopes are guarded like a treasure. Nobody except the notaries of the company of auditors Price Waterhouse (now PricewaterhouseCoopers) knows up to the openingthe envelopes, who may take the gold chap with home.

The calculation came up. The interest rose continuously. Also the fact that no longer only one hand determined fully Erlesener the winners, like it in the earlier years of the academythe case was, but that all members had a right to vote, it made the OSCAR ever more important.

1953 should make the OSCAR a further step the public: For the first time the award was transferred in the television. The television was able something, thatthe medium radio could not: The spectators could make themselves finally a picture. The winners were no longer only thank speeches, and one could finally win an impression of the films on the basis cutouts. The ceremony was no longer onlya family fixed flank, but an spectator-effective show become.

Stories, scandals and Skandälchen help the Oscars to ever more popularity. Today more than 5,500 members of the academy in the individual categories co-ordinate; the award is world-wide transferred and annually ofabout 800 million humans pursues. To win, today increase in sales means a OSCAR and for the winners prestige and fee increase for a film.

the OSCAR Trophäe

the founders of the Academy OF Motion Picture kind and Sciences assigned Conrad nailwith the Design of the film price. With a budget of 500 $ nail thought over the Design and the kind of the price. A simple document was found as too little. The idea arose, the price by an appropriateTo symbolize statue. Nail assigned the production designer Cedric Gibbons the Design of the OSCAR statue. It should lend a worthy form to the film price. It realized the conceptions with the famous, golden sword carrier, which stands on a Filmrolle. The reduced and flowing thingDesign of the knight led to his classical, timeless beauty.

The desired film price consists silver of solid nickel - copper - - body, which is covered for millimeter-thin gold skin with a 24-karätigen. The solid core of the OSCAR provides besides for the statelyWeight of approx. 3.85 kg, with a size of 34,29 cm. The materials value of a statue amounts to approx. 300 $. The Academy leaves the Oscars today with the R. S. Owen company in Chicago manufacture. Into the base of the statue becomethe names of the winner, which pertinent OSCAR category and the title of the film engraves. The Replikate, which is sold in Hollywood everywhere as souvenir, is usually from plastics and holds a laurel ring in the hands.


into thatfirst years of the award the Trophäe was called still Academy Award OF Merit. Who finally the name godfather was, today no more is not to be clarified with certainty. It stands firmly that the more concise new name already uses OSCAR to a large extent in the year 1931became. Four persons are called again and again as a godfather. First of all here the former librarian of the academy is to call Margaret Herrick. She is to have said at the sight of the statue:„Like my uncle OSCAR looks! “. Into thatBooks of the academy she is often stated as official Namensgeberin. Secondly bed Davis is to be called, which is to have stressed again and again that the statue reminds her of its first man Harmon “OSCAR” Nelson. As the third in the federation that is consideredFilmkolumnist Sidney Skolsky, which felsenfest stated, the first name giver to have been. Safe it is today only that OSCAR is the name of the most well-known film price of the world. As the fourth it, it means the film producer walter Disney is to have been. As thoseAcademy feverful in the secret one a name for the Trophäe had looked for, a man had suggested calling the Trophäe “OSCAR”. Walter Disney had received and had believed this, it was now the name of the Trophäe and thanked you thenan award in the 50's for its “OSCAR”.


Grauman' s Chinese Theatre: The Academy Awards was assigned to place of the OSCAR

award from 1944 to 1946 in the course of the years in different locations:

  • The Blossom Room inHollywood Roosevelt hotel (1929)
  • The Cocoanut Grove in the Ambassador hotel (April 1930, 1940, 1943)
  • The Fiesta Room in the Ambassador hotel (November 1930, 1932, 1934)
  • The Sala D' Oro in the Biltmore hotel (1931)
  • The Biltmore Bowl in the Biltmore hotel (1935-1939, 1941, 1942)
  • Grauman' s Chinese Theatre (1944-1946)
  • The Shrine Civic auditory (1947, 1948, 1988, 1989, 1991, 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001)
  • The Academy Award theatre (1949)
  • The RKO Pantages Theatre (1950-1952, 1958-1960)
  • The Santa Monica Civic auditory (1961-1968)
  • The Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (1969-1987,1990, 1992-1994, 1996, 1999)
  • The Kodak Theatre (since 2002)

the 25. to 29. Award took place not in Los Angeles but in New York :

  • NBC internationally Theatre (1953)
  • NBC center Theatre (1954)
  • NBC Century Theatre (1955, 1956 and 1957)


the Academy set up for each OSCAR award new rules and keep themselves also the introduction of new categories and/or. the abolishment from categories already existing forwards.

regular honors

Academy Awards become each year into thatthe following categories assign:

Motion Picture OF the
Year 1929 best leading actor Actor in A leading
Role 1929 best Hauptdarstellerin Actress in A leading
Role lent category original designation 1929 direction Directing 1929
equipment kind Direction
1929 camera Cinematography since
best film 1929
adapted film script Writing, Screenplay Based on material Previously Published 1929
original film script Writing, Screenplay Written Directly for the screen 1929
clay/tone sound Mixing 1930
animated Kurzfilm Short film - Animated 1932
Kurzfilm Short film - live Action 1932
cut Film Editing 1935
title music music - original Song 1935
film music music - original Score 1935
musical music - original musical 1935
best Nebendarsteller Actor in A Supporting Role 1937
best Nebendarstellerin Actress in A Supporting Role of 1937
visual effects Visual Effects 1940
documentary film Documentary, feature 1942
document acre short film Documentary, Short Subject 1944
Fremdsprachiger film Foreign LANGUAGE film OF the Year of 1947
costumes Costume Design 1949
clay/tone cut sound Editing 1964
make-up make-up 1982
animated feature Animated feature film OF the Year 2002

special honors

these prices are not lent partially each year and/or. only as required.

Name original designation lent for lent since
honour OSCAR Honorary Award life's work or services for the Academy 1929
“Irving G. Thalberg " - price The IrvingG. Thalberg Memorial Award film producer 1937
“Gordon E. Sawyer " - price Gordon E. Sawyer Academy Award scientific or technical achievements in the film work 1981
“Jean Hersholt” - price Jean Hersholt Humanitarian Award humanitarian services within the range of the film work 1956
John A. - Bonn medal John A. Bonn Medal OFCommendation 1977
special OSCAR Special Achievement Award [1] extraordinary achievements for an individual film 1972 miniature OSCAR (youth price ),
falling from above categories , Juvenile Award child actor 1935 (only lent to 1960)
technical earnings/services Technical Achievement Award 1931
science and development price Scientificand engineering Award 1931
student price student Academy Award ????

the procedure

each feature, between that the 1. January and that 31. December of a yearly in the area of Los Angeles County at least seven days long in a publicCinema against payment was shown, is qualified for the Oscars in the following year. The term “feature” defined as a film, that

  • at least one length of 40 minutes exhibits and
  • as 35 - or 70-mm-Kopie or as 24-Bilder-Digitalkinoformat (with oneMinimum dissolution was shown by 1280×1024 pixels).

Thereby it is insignificant whether the film is US-American or foreign origin, so that itself also foreign films can outside of the category qualify for the best fremdsprachigen film. At the end of each yearly those placesAcademy a list of the which are applicable films together.

In a first step the Academymitglieder selects first five nominating. In this phase of the choice only the respective members of a Academyzweigs can tune D for its respective Profession. h. Directorsselect directors, actors select actors etc. Only with the nominating for the best film all members are enfranchised. It explains why it does not emerge sometimes happened that a film is nominated as the best film, the director however on the list.

special ones rules for nominating

  • for the best fremdsprachigen film apply deviating qualification rules: Here each film is permissible, that in the time of the 1. October up to 30. September of the yearly before the award of the prize in its respectiveCountry was uraufgeführt. Each country may suggest thereby only one film of the Academy for nominating.
  • To the documentary film Oscars deviating qualification rules apply: Here the film must either in Los Angeles County or in New Yorker quarters the Manhattan in the time of1. September up to 31. August of the yearly before the award of the prize shown its. Additionally the film must have been publicly shown in four further cities for at least two days.
  • To the Kurzfilm Oscars deviating qualification rules apply: Here is each filmpermissible, that in the time of the 1. October up to 30. September of the yearly before the award of the prize was shown either for at least three days in Los Angeles County or however on a Filmfestival specified in the rules was distinguished.
  • ThoseCategories “animated feature” and “make-up” are fakultativ. If films were to have been demonstrated too little after discretion of the Academy in one year, which would be applicable for a OSCAR, then the Academy can do without the Nominerungsprozess or however a special OSCAR fora film lend.
  • For the following categories there are special preselection juries within the Academy, which decide on nominating: Animated feature, documentary film, Kurzfilm, Fremdsprachiger film, make-up, clay/tone cut and visual effects.
  • If an actor for two different films in a category (z.B. “Nominated best leading actor”) twice under the first five one selects, then nominating with the smaller number is painted at voices. Likewise it behaves, if it in the categories for main and Nebendarsteller for the same film are nominatedis. In both cases the Sechstplatzierte advances as nominating. However it is possible that an actor is doubly in one year nominated in different categories for different films.

Those in each case first five of a category, those most voices upto unite could become, then of the Academy officially as nominated one announced. In the year 2005 president franc Pierson announced the nominating common with OSCAR winner Adrien Brody.

In the second choice phase the Academy members have now the possibility, itself in the academy-own Filmtheaterto regard all nominated films free of charge. Besides special DVDs with the films is dispatched. This practice is regarded however critically of the Academy, since in the year 2003 copies of these DVDs in Internet exchange stock exchanges had emerged. With the actual OSCAR choice are all membersin all categories entitled to vote.

All voting cards, which at the latest one week before the award must have been received at the academy, are counted out by three sworn in notaries of the lawyer company Price Waterhouse & Coopers. The OSCAR is lent to that at that nominated one, mostVoices of the Academy members on itself to unite knew. In the case that nominated two the same number of voices receive, the OSCAR is in equal parts lent to both.

At the most two Ehrenpreise will assign without previous nominating of the board OF Governors. There morewhen two different honour price categories exist, not all Ehrenpreise are assigned each year.

The Oscars for technical earnings/services is likewise lent without previous nominating by special selection committees. This award always takes place in the apron of the actual OSCAR award.

special ones Rules for the assignment

  • in the category “equipment” beside the Szenenbildner the set is additionally always nominated and distinguished decorator (the Innenrequisiteur).
  • For the best animated feature the chief executives creative person is distinguished. That is in most cases a director(and maximally a second director) in addition, a producer can be.
  • In the dokumentar and short film categories maximally two Oscars will assign, among them in each case to the director and a further creative one (in most cases the producer).
  • The OSCARfor the best fremdsprachigen film goes to the film, not to the producer and not to the director. The latter receives the OSCAR only on behalf.
  • The OSCAR for the best film goes to the producers of the film, whereby hereonly maximally three producers to be nominated and distinguished. If more producer in remove are called, the Produktionsgesellschaft must designate three producers and/or. the Academy determines three producers.

the most successful films

long time was the film Ben Hur(1960) in terms of figures most successful film in OSCAR history. He got 11 the desired Trophäen. Only in the year 1998 Titanic could draw even with likewise 11 honors. It should take only six years, to itself with the master of the rings: The returnthe king a further film with 11 Oscars into this Riege incorporated. The latter was even one of the few films, which could convert all nominating in honors.

The sections best film, best direction, best leading actor, best Hauptdarstellerinas well as the film script sections (best original film script and/or. ) Are considered to film script after a collecting main as the most important OSCAR categories. So far only three films in each of these categories were distinguished. It happened at one night (1934), one flew over thatKuckucksnest (1975) and the silence of the lambs (1991).


Bob Hope with a OSCAR

In the initial days of the Academy Awards these were moderated frequently by the respective president of the academy. End of the 1950er years gave it for the first time onewhole Riege of equal moderators for an award. This was taken up into the 1970er years again.

Since end of the 1980er years leads in each case a moderator by the program. This is supported thereby of numerous CO host. In the actor categories is thisas a rule the winners of the previous year (in each case with the other sex). Thus 2004 presented for example NIC oils Kidman (best Hauptdarstellerin in the year 2003) the OSCAR to the best leading actor Sean Penn.

The ungekrönte “king” of the presentations is surely an entertainer Bob Hope. It moderated the meeting no less than 17 times. Billy Crystal however was distinguished already several times for its presentations with the television price Emmy. Also the presentations of David Niven became legendary.

scandals & strange

  • When Spencer Tracy 1938 received the OSCAR for Manuel, he could read not its name on the base, but that the Comicfigur thickly Tracy. Spencer Tracy carried it calmly, however since then Oscars are assigned only in blank, which onlyafterwards with the name of the winner to be engraved.
  • 1942 was nominated in the category “best Hauptdarstellerin” the first time two sisters. For the golden gate of Mitchell to quiet ones Olivia de Havilland went into running, in the Hitchcock - film suspicion brillierte Oliviasyounger sister Joan Fontaine than Lina, which suspects its man Cary Grant to want to murder her and was likewise nominated for the desired film price. The boulevard press of joke ores a good headline and slaughtered thereupon a brothers and sisters feud out, which had washed itself,with luckier exit for the younger one: At the OSCAR night to 26. February 1942 in the Biltmore hotel in Los Angeles, triumphierte Joan Fontaine and with the OSCAR as a best Hauptdarstellerin was distinguished. When Fontaine went forward, around the OSCAR inReceipt to take, repelled it the attempt of their older sister, who wanted to congratulate to her to the victory. De Havilland was over this gesture shifts and insulted at the same time and both sisters was starting from this time time of their life zerstritten. De Havillandeven still five years had to wait and were occasional after a controversy with its Filmstudio Warner Bros. completely of the cinema canvas disappeared, before it 1947 again under the direction Leisens for the self-sacrificing nut/mother into nut/mother heart (1946) as a best Hauptdarstellerinof the Academy one distinguished. Three years later followed for William Wylers the heiress a further Academy Award for de Havilland.
  • Orson Welles 'masterpiece Citizen Kane (1941), which among film critics generally as the best film of American film history applies,received no price for the “best film”.
  • Marilyn Monroe should present the clay/tone OSCAR with the Oscars 1951. Few minutes before it on the stage its dress had, tore up; provisional repaired, it went on the stage. Marilyn looked only on thatSoil, nuschelte the congratulation and disappeared from the stage.
  • During the award of the prize in the year 1958 the victory about talk Buttons as best Nebendarsteller announced. Buttons was over the profit of the Oscars for its achievement for Joshua log to film the Sayonaraso excited that he ran to the stage. When it received the OSCAR, was it so out of breath that it would not have experienced its honour almost with consciousness.
  • George C. Scott rejected its nominating 1961 for the Nebendarsteller OSCAR officially. ThoseAcademy contradicted Scott, since she nominated the achievement in the film and not the actor, therefore a nominating could is not rejected. Scott did not win the OSCAR. Scott rejected also nominating for the film Patton. He saidthe Oscars is not one meat-inspects and the life a contest. George C. Scott won this time nevertheless the OSCAR.
  • 1967 was nominated again two brothers and sisters as best Hauptdarstellerinnen of the yearly. Vanessa Redgrave already for Karel the Reisz film protest in Cannesdistinguished with the actor price was, met its younger sister Lynn, which had received golden the Globe for Silvio Narizzanos comedy Georgy Girl. Again the press tried to use this circumstance and plot a feud, had however thereby noneSuccess. Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave, those were just as little successful during the award of the prize the OSCAR at Elizabeth Taylor (who fear of Virginia Woolf has?) transfers had.
  • Barbra Streisand provided 1968 with their quite generous appearance for sensation. Itreceived the OSCAR in a transparent trousers suit. In the prüden America of 1968 a scandal.
  • Jane Fonda was an engaged Verfechterin of ultralinken groupings and was in such a way feared that her her possible honor in the year 1971 for a polarizing speechwould use. It was invited not to the award, received however nevertheless the OSCAR for its representation in Klute. It had before already rejected golden the Globe by Viet Nam veterans. A friend Fondas diverted it of the thought, alsoto reject the OSCAR.
  • Marlon Brando should receive 1973 the OSCAR for the godfather. It sent Sacheen Littlefeather on the stage, this rejected representatively of him the OSCAR and read out an explanation over the treatment of the Indians. The indignation was largely and as itself the allegedly discriminated against Indianerin Sacheen as an actress Maria Cruz emerged, was perfect the scandal. The OSCAR Trophäe carried Roger forward of moorlands secretly, had it to later however again deliver.
  • Bob OPEL is the Flitzer, the 1974 upthe stage stormed and naked with Victory indications at the moderator David Niven ran by. The Britisher scoffed thereupon it: „It is not fascinating that the only Lacher, which this man in its life will ever harvest agitates therefore that it undresses andall world its shows lack? “Also today this utterance is still quoted as apparent proof for Nivens Schlagfertigkeit. In reality the producers of the OSCAR award had taken such an event into account with, since tearing frequently, and this comment already first occurred at that timeagreed upon with Niven.
  • Vanessa Redgrave used its honor 1978 for a political speech. It insulted the mostly Jewish demonstrators before the door of the award, who protested against Redgraves participation in the documentary film The Palestinians.
  • Roberto Benigni won with thatAward 1998 the OSCAR for the best fremdsprachigen film La Vita è bella, presents trucks from Sophia. When this announced the winner, Benigni before enthusiasm climbed on the chair seat-backs and had to hold on to Steven of play mountain shoulder. Thereupon itthe winner hopped by the course on the stage and überschüttete Sophia trucks with radix complements. So that such an incident does not repeat itself, Billy Crystal in the subsequent year had a giant butterfly net in order to catch it.
  • Michael of moorlands in its thank speech with thatOSCAR award 2003:„We live in a time, in which wrong election results bring a wrong president. We live in a time, in which a man sends us for wrong reasons into the war. Whether wrong tapes or wrong uncertainty phases are orange,we are against this war, Mr. Bush. Be ashamed, of Mr. Bush, you are ashamed! If you have the Pope and the” Dixie Chicks “against itself, their time ran off. “The speech became already after the first words of the orchestraover-sounded.

interesting facts

  • The usually-nominated still living person is a composer John Williams. In the year 2006 it became equivalent twicenominated and can thereby altogether 45 nominating for itself book. It received the OSCAR so far five times.
  • The most frequently nominated actress is Meryl Streep. She was 13 times nominated 13 (3 time as best Nebendarstellerin, 10 times as a best Hauptdarstellerin)and so far 2 honors got.Katharine Hepburn was nominated and received 4 Oscars altogether 12 times as a best Hauptdarstellerin. Hepburn is thereby the most frequently excellent Darstellerin.
  • For the first time in the history of the Academy Awards 1998 two actors becamefor in and the same role nominates. In James Camerons film Titanic played Kate Winslet the Passagierin rose DeWitt Bukater, while Gloria Stuart acted as an aged rose. The second time happened this during the award of the prize 2002. Kate Winslet became againin smelling pool of broadcasting corporations Eyres bio spades iris as young iris Murdoch for the desired film price nominates, while Judi Dench the aged authoress porträtierte and likewise for the OSCAR one considered.
  • The most frequently nominated actor is Jack Nicholson. Itso far with 12 nominating and Oscars was endowed could win 3.
  • Alfred Hitchcock was nominated altogether six times (best direction for: Rebecca, Lifeboat, Spellbound, Strangers on A Train, Rear Window, Psycho),got he however only 1967 the Irving G. Thalberg Award, an honour OSCAR.
  • In addition, there are losers during the OSCAR award. Of them the film the color lila one of Steven play mountain is safe. This was nominated in the year 1986 11 time and went out completely empty. Alsothe drama at the turning point with Anne Bancroft and Shirley MacLaine heimste 1978 first 11 nominating, had to give oneself however in all categories other fellow combatants struck. A similar disappointment had to accept Martin Scorsese with its film of course OF New York,because it went out with 10 nominating likewise empty.
  • Whole two it seemed to times so far only that an actor received the price in two sequential years as best leading actors. The first actor was Spencer Tracy, whichin the year 1937 for his role in Manuel and in the year after for his representation into devil chaps one distinguished. The second actor, who created this, was Tom Hanks in the years 1993 with Philadelphia and 1994 with Forrest Gump.With the actresses this feat Luise Rainer succeeded in the years 1936 and 1937 as well as Katharine Hepburn in the years 1967 and 1968. In the category Nebendarsteller succeeded it so far only to Jason Robards in the years 1977 for the incorruptible ones and 1978 for Julia.
  • Barry Fitzgerald is an only actor in the OSCAR history, which in the same year for the same role two OSCAR nominating received. This honour became it for Leo McCareys film the way fortunately part, for thathe was nominated 1945 as best main and Nebendarsteller, and the price as best Nebendarsteller received. After this “breakdown” the Academy changed its nominating guidelines over to prevent immediately that such a thing in the near future again could happen. The guidelines are up to the today's day invariably and a similar misfortune was missing.
  • The first colored person, who got a OSCAR, was an actress Hattie McDaniel, which got it as the best Nebendarstellerin in from hoist blown (Gone With The wind) the 1940. She saw herself compelled with the awardto protest to prove this price of “their race” with dignity. The first honor for a colored one in the leading actor category took place in the year 1963.Sidney Poitier was distinguished for its representation in lilies on the field. The first colored Hauptdarstellerin becameonly 2002 gekürt, at that time gave it directly a double impact: As a Hauptdarstellerin Halle Berry for its role in Monster's ball was distinguished and to Denzel Washington received the Trophäe for his role in training Day. Besides Sidney Poitier in this receivedYear an honour OSCAR for its life's work.
  • The oldest person distinguished with a regular OSCAR was in the year 1989 an actress Jessica Tandy, which at the age of 80 years the OSCAR for her role in measure Daisy and their Chauffeur (Driving measure Daisy) against to take could. To date oldest nominated Darstellerin is however Gloria Stuart. In the year 1998 it was nominated in the category “best Nebendarstellerin” for their role of the old rose in the film Titanic.Them were at the time already 87 years old.
  • To 14. January 1977 deceased Peter Finch at the consequences of a heart accumulation. It became few months later for the representation of a moved television moderator in the medium satire network postum with the OSCARdistinguished. The price was received by its widow Eletha Finch.
  • The OSCAR award was shifted so far three times at short notice in its history: The first time passed this 1938, when a flood Los Angeles inundated. The meeting took place one week later. InYear 1968 was shifted the award from respect for the mourning ceremonies by Martin Luther King (burying was on the day of the planned award) by two days. 1981 became the OSCAR award due to the assassination attempt on president Ronald Reagan by 24 hoursshifted.
  • Since 1989 the Academy insisted on the fact that there are actually no losers (and thus actually also no winners) during this award of the prize. Therefore it was not called any more and the more winner starting from this year is…, but and the OSCARgoes ton…. However thereby their problems had and in such a way came still in such a way it now and then to the old words in the following years some. Some years ago Michael assigned and Kirk Douglas a OSCAR and Kirk Douglas existeddemonstratively on and the more winner is…, completely to amusing the guests.
  • During 2. World war prevailed also in the USA lack of metal. In the years of the world war gypsum Oscars were therefore lent, which were again exchanged after the war.
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  • Hans Jürgen Kubiak: The OSCAR films. The best films of the years 1927/28 to 2004; the best non-English-language films of the years 1947 to 2004; the best animated films of the years 2001 to 2004. Stir up, Marburg 2005, ISBN 3894723866

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