Oskar Anderson one

Oskar Johann Viktor Anderson one (* 2. August 1887 in Minsk (white Russia); † 12. February 1960 in Munich) ranks 20 among the most influential statisticians . Century.

Oskar Anderson one was born in Minsk into ethnic Germans a family (its brother was the well-known Folklorist walter Anderson one), and buildup in Kazan' . Of 1907 to studied it economics in pc. Petersburg, where it to 1915 pupils and assistant of Alexander Tschuprow were. 1912 received its first academic post than lecturer in Petersburg to Anderson. it pulled 1917 after Kiew, where it habilitierte itself 1918. 1920 left Anderson one Russia and lived first in Budapest (Hungary), before it accepted 1924 a Professur at commercial Institut von Warna (Bulgaria), where it remained until 1933. From 1935 to 1940 he was a professor at the university of Sofia (Bulgaria), where it regarded the post of the director of the statistic institute as economic research. During 2. World war moved Oskar Anderson one to Germany and taught from 1942 on at the Christian Albrechts university to Kiel, where he was until 1947 a professor. 1947 he took over the chair for economics at the university of Munich.

Oskar Anderson one ranks among the usually-respected economists and statisticians of its time.

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