Oskar Becker (assassin)

Oskar Becker (* 18. June 1839 in Odessa; † 16. July 1868 in Alexandria) became admits by its assassination attempt on king William of Prussia.

Becker, born in Odessa, where its father originating from Saxonia was a director of the Lyceums, studied political sciences , mathematics and eastern languages since 1859 in Leipzig among other things.

In the summer 1861 it seized the resolution to murder the king from Prussia to in its personality it an obstacle of the agreement of Germany saw. For this purpose it went to 12. July to Baden-Baden, where the king was to the cure, and fired 14 in the morning . July in the Lichtenthaler avenue both runs of its Terzerols on it off. The king suffered only an insignificant squeezing at the neck.

Becker was condemned by the court of assizes in Bruchsal to 20 years penintentiary, begnadigt in October 1866 on king of William Fürsprache. Becker went then to North America, however 1868 returned to Europe. He emigrated again, this time toward Orient, and died 1868 in Alexandria.


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