Oskar Halecki

Oskar Halecki (* 26. May 1891 in Vienna, † 17. September 1973 in New York) was one of the prominent Middle Ages and modern time historians in the Poland of intermediate wartime. It was particularly occupied with the Polish Jagiellonenzeit and Byzantine history.

1918 /19 it belonged to Paris conference of peace as an expert of the Polish delegation on that . From 1919 to 1939 he was a professor at the University of Warsaw. On the international congress of historian 1933 in Warsaw it coined/shaped the first principle debate over the self understanding of the historical partial discipline Eastern European history. 1940 it had to emigrieren into the USA, where it created 1942 in New York the polish of institutes OF kind and Sciences in America. 1944-1961 were Halecki professor to the Fordham University in New York.

In the USA Halecki developed its historicalregional conception of east Central Europe as historical structure landscape, which he 1952 in its to today trailblazing book of boron the country OF Western Civilization. A History OF East cent ral Europe of the public presented.


  • From Florence ton of Brest. 1439-1596. (1958)
  • The of limit and division OF European history (1950) that. dt.: Europe. Borders and arrangement of its history, Darmstadt 1957.
  • Boron the country OF western civilization. (1952)
  • Eugeniusz Pacelli. Papież pokoju. (1951)
  • A history OF pole and. (1943)
  • Nowe uwagi krytyczne o wyprawie warneńskiej (1939) that. English: The crusade OF Varna. A discussion OF controversial problem. (1943)
  • Dzieje pole ski pod panowaniem Jagiellonów. 1937
  • Idea jagiellońska. (1937)
  • History of the union of Lithuania with Poland. (1919)
  • The nationality problem in old Poland. (1916)

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