Oslo (dt. /ˈɔslo/, norw. /ˈuslu/, also/ˈuschlu/ , before times Christiania and Kristiania ) the capital of Norway is local and has by numerous incorporations and constant population growth of meanwhile approximately 540,000 inhabitants, whereby the portion of the foreignersbecause of the total population with 22,3% is (conditions July 2005). In the region Oslo live about 1 million inhabitant. The city created by the Wikingern is more than 1,000 years old. It forms today its own Fylke (administrative district) Norway and is at the same timeAdministrative seat of the neighbouring Fylke Akershus. In January 2006 Oslo replaced according to a study of the Economist Tokyo (which 14 years long this title led) as the most expensive city of the world.

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base data
governmental district: Oslo
surface: 453 km ²
Inhabitant: 538.411 (1. January 2006)
Population density: 1,189 inhabitants for each km ²
height: 1 m and. NN
geographical location:
Coordinates: 59° 54 ' 36 " N, 10° 45 ' 00 " O
59° 54 ' 36 " N, 10° 45 ' 00 " O
arrangement of theCity: 16 quarters
official Website: oslo.kommune.no
mayor: By Ditlev Simonsen (conservative)

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name and history

in the Heimskringla, to a history of the Norwegian kings, the Icelandic scholar maintains Snorri Sturluson that Oslo in the year 1048 of king Harald III.one based. Excavations thatmeanwhile Christian graves brought recent time from the time around 1000 to the appearance. For this reason the city committed its thousand-year old anniversary in the year 2000. King Håkon V. the fortress made around 1300 Oslo the capital of Norway and leftAkershus establish.

1624 were strongly devastated the city by a fire and by that Danish - Norwegian king Christian IV. under the name Christiania again developed. 1877 changed the official way of writing in Kristiania and only 1925 became for the city thatoriginal name Oslo shown. Oslo meant translates either „level of the Gods “or „level underneath the hill “- last clarity over it is not to be attained no more.

A Kosename of the city is Tigerstaden (tiger city), after a poem of Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson (“Sidste sang”, 1870). In this poem Oslo is described as dangerous and merciless city. Before the city hall and before the station tiger sculptures remind of this name, which lost its negative sound in the meantime.

At first sight unusual Stadtwappen showsthe holy Halvard, which had tried to save a woman from force authors then however perforated by these with arrows and with millstone drowned is weighted.

The University of Oslo is the largest of the kingdom with approximately 32,000 students and1811 were created after model of the Humboldt university in Berlin. 1952 found the olympic winter plays in Oslo - among other things at the famous Holmenkollen - instead of.


after the quarter reform starting from 1. January 2004 are the quarters Oslos:

Gamle Oslo,Grünerløkka, Sagene, pc. Hans striking gene, Frogner, Ullern, Vestre Aker, Nordre Aker, Bjerke, Grorud, Stovner, Alna, Østensjø, north beach, Søndre north beach and the north Mark (marks or Marka)

number of inhabitants for each quarter

inhabitant for each quarter:

Gamle Oslo 35,431
Grünerløkka 37,774
Sagene 29,654
pc. Hans striking gene 27,619
Frogner 45,690
Ullern 27,179
Vestre Aker 40,487
Nordre Aker 41,060
Bjerke 24,748
Grorud 24,729
Stovner 28,445
Alna 44,151
Østensjø 42,681
north beach 45,897
Søndre north beach 33,556
Sentrum 438
Marka 1,614
no specification 1,498
total 536,209

objects of interest

the famous city hall Oslos

Oslo has many objects of interest and the special flair of the internal fjord situation.

Among the most important objects of interest rank:

economics and infrastructure

panorama around 1895


Oslo has two international airports, Oslo Gardermoen and Oslo Torp.

The Oslo Gardermoen is from Oslo over a course distance or over two Buslinien (SAS Flybussen andFlybussekspressen) tied up. Oslo possesses a very well removed network of streetcars (T-Bane), which drive in the center underground, in peripheral areas celestially. The most important stops are major doing and Nationaltheatret. In January 2006 a new ticket system is to be introduced, withEntering and leaving the railway stations the maps control.

There are driving connections after Kiel (Color LINE), Hirtshals (Color LINE), Frederikshavn (Stena LINE), Copenhagen (DFDS Seaways) and Helsingborg (DFDS Seaways).

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