East Berlin

east Berlin in the summer 1989 before the turn as

east Berlin one briefly designated the Soviet sector of Berlin, which was formed for the area after the Second World War, when the city was divided in four sectors, in demarcation to West Berlin,the remaining three sectors.

Flag of east Berlin

1948 both parts of Berlin were formally separated (division of Berlin), when the Soviet Union used the choice of the mayor at that time Ernst Reuter not accepted and its own mayor. After the establishment of the GDR, their capital in accordance with kind. 2 of the condition of 7. October 1949 Berlin (actual east Berlin) became, became there the self-designation Berlin, capital of the GDR, Berlin (capital of the GDR) or simply only Berlin used. In bibliographies is as place of publication Berlin (GDR) common. The Federal Republic of Germany used the term east Berlin or Berlin (east). While east Berlin was thus regarded of the GDR guidance as independent and complete city, the Federal Government recognized neither the GDR as sovereigns state nor east Berlin as itsPart or capital on, since both the choice of Berlin to the capital and stationing German weapons on citizen of Berlin area offended against allied right.

However one called the American , British and French sectors together West Berlin. ThatWestern part of the city was called in the GDR officially “west Berlin”. After formation of the Federal Republic of Germany 1949 Berlin became (west) (so from then on official designation) of the Federal Republic as own Land of the Federal Republic regards (with reduced sovereignty by the allying reservation), during West Berlinstarting from 1949 of the German Democratic Republic as independent ones political unit west Berlin was designated.

With the reunification of both German States of 1990 also the two cities were again combined and to form together the Land of the Federal Republic Berlin.

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Ost-Berliner of districts

the districts of east Berlin between 1986 and 1990

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the center of the capital of the GDR was the Alexanderplatz north southern of the station of the same name and the 365 m high TV tower of it. In the closer environment were some the most well-known business, restaurants and hotels of the country. Affected at strongly this very day by the socialist building method is still the Weltzeituhr. East Berlin was also the exclusive political center of Soviet crew power and the GDR.Here was the palace of the republic, in which several Cafés, restaurants and bars, the meeting room of the people chamber as well as the large hall were, which were used for meetings and television transmissions. In the centralistic structure of state of the GDR Berlin had asCapital completely particularly lifted out meaning as seat of all important national and political institutions. Breaking citizen gate marked the border between east Berlin and West Berlin and thus the border between the states Warsaw Pact and NATO. It was tofor the reunification of Germany and the symbolism of the reunification of Germany and Europe received symbol of the cold war after 1990.

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