Ostankino tower

Ostankino tower
fire of the Ostankino tower 27. August 2000
base data
place: Moscow
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 55° 49 ′ 10 " N, 37° 36 ′ 42 " O
55° 49 ′ 10 " N, 37° 36 ′ 42 " O
use: Radio and TV tower
building date: 1963 (commencement of construction)
Architectural style:
Technical data
height: 540 m
broad: -
Depth: -
Building material:

The Ostankino tower (soot.: Останкинскаятелебашня) is a radio and a TV tower in Moscow with a height of 540 M. It was the highest from 1967 to 1975 and is since the establishment of the CN Tower in Torontoof 1976 the second highest free standing construction of the world.

The commencement of construction was 1963 after a draft of Nicolai V. Nikitine was finished, the tower 1967. The tower has a structural weight of over 55.000 tons.

In 58 seconds visitors with the elevator know the prospect platformreach a tower restaurant in 337 m height with gläsernem soil and.

With a fire in the year 2000 3 humans died. The tower suffered damage to its structure. After aufwändiger renovation it was released again for visitors. It means nevertheless on the Internet side of theOperator that restaurant and prospect platform are temporarily closed (conditions: April 2006).

Due to a wrongly interpreted official message in some international daily papers 2003 it was announced that the Ostankino tower was high by a new antenna now 577 m. A new antenna, however those was installedHeight does not change. The increase on 577 m by a further new antenna, which would let the tower become again the highest free standing construction of the world, is intended, but does not finance yet.

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