Eastern Asia

Eastern Asia conceptions

Eastern Asia is a Subregion in the east of Asia.

 topografische Karte von Ostasien aus dem Jahr 1903
topografische map of Eastern Asia from the year 1903

the geographical demarcation of Eastern Asia is disputed. The “small” model counts for this that part of Asia, which stands under the influence of the non-tropical monsoon.To it the today's States of People's Republic of China belong (mostly; except Xinjiang, internal Mongolia and Tibet); with Hong Kong and Macao, Taiwan, North Korea, South Korea, Japan and Viet Nam.

Of Karl knight developed “large” modelthat differentiates Mongolia and the Pacific coastal region of Russia east the Amur as well as Southeast Asia between northeast Asia under inclusion. Generally the term is referred today in the “small” model, which define themselves also culture-historically as that part of Asia leaves, thatof the Chinese culture (v.a.Chinese characters, Daoismus, Konfuzianismus, Buddhismus of the Mahayana - direction, Essstäbchen) one coined/shaped.

In terms of figures largest peoples of Eastern Asia are Chinese, Japanese, Koreans and Vietnamesen.

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