Ostfriesen newspaper

the Ostfriesen newspaper (OZ) is a regional daily paper for East Frisia (districts Aurich, empty and joke mouth, city Emden) and appears in the group of newspapers East Frisia (ZGO) in empty /Ostfriesland. It was created 1949 by several ostfriesischen newspaper publishers. In the year 2002 the ZGO had come out from the fusion of OZ and general indicator. The northwest newspaper in Oldenburg is involved to the ZGO.

The Ostfriesen newspaper appears as morning paper six times in the week (on Mondays to Saturday) in the four partial expenditures empty, Emden/the north, Aurich and Rheiderland. The edition lies in the year 2005 with approximately 40,000 copies. Head office of the editorship is empty. Beside this editorship, to which also a restaurant editorship belongs in Weener, there are two further district editorships in Aurich (with pointing moorland and joke mouth) and in Emden (with the north). The editor-in-chief of the Ostfriesen newspaper is at the same time editor-in-chief of the general indicator.

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