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Wappen von Ostrhauderfehn Deutschlandkarte, Position von Ostrhauderfehn hervorgehoben
base data
Land of the Federal Republic: Lower Saxony
district: Empty
geographical situation:
Coordinates: 53° 07 ′ N, 07° 37 ′ O
53° 07 ′ N, 07° 37 ′ O
height: 3 m and. NN
surface: 51.00 km ²
inhabitants: 10.708 (30. June 2005)
Population density: 210 inhabitants for each km ²
postal zip code: 26842
preselection: 0 49 52
Kfz characteristics: LER
municipality key: 03 4 57 014
of the city administration:
Main street 117
26842 Ostrhauderfehn
official Website: www.ostrhauderfehn.de
E-Mail address:
mayor: Wiard Amelsberg (UWG)

Ostrhauderfehn is a municipality in the district empty in East Frisia.


church 3,2 Roman-catholic


3,3 free churches 3,4 other religious communities [work on] to the king of Prussia, it asked for the hiring of the high moorland surface in the northern Overledingerland, in order to put on here a new Fehn. To 19. They received April 1769 the agreement for the project begun already. This is considered as the beginning of history Ostrhauderfehns. Are coining/shaping to today the long channels, which on the one hand for the drainage of the moorland served at that time, on the other hand for the evacuation of the peat were used.

At the 1. May 1970 united the municipality Holtermoor voluntarily with the municipality Ostrhauderfehn.

With the administrative and regional reorganization of Lower Saxony between 1973 and 1978 Ostrhauderfehn the municipalities were assigned to Holterfehn, poet living and Idafehn, as well as the eastern part of Langholts. This procedure lasted up to the 1. March 1974.

Ostrhauderfehn belonged up to 31. December 2004 to the governmental district Weser Ems, which in consequence of an administrative reform upon expiration of this date one dissolved.

inhabitant development

year number of inhabitants year number of inhabitants
1975 7,321 1980 7,580
1985 8,162 1990 8,367
1995 9,520 2000 10,448
2001 10,722 2002 10,996
2003 11,035 2004 11,086


local council

the local council has 25 selected members, as well as the directly selected mayor, 9 belongs to it since the local election to. September 2001 three parties and/or. Voter communities on.

  • SPD - 10 seats
  • UWG/CDU - of 13 seats
  • parliamentary group lot - 2 seats


  • mayor: Wiard Amelsberg (UWG)
  • 1. stellv. Mayor Wibbe Eilers
  • 2. stellv. Mayor Wilhelm Pfeiffer


Evangelist church

Roman-catholic church

free churches

other religious communities


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