Ottfried Hennig

Ottfried Hennig (* 1. March 1937 in king mountain/East Prussia; † 19. October 1999) was a German politician (CDU).

He was from 1982 to 1991 parliamentary undersecretary of state with the Federal Minister for German domestic relations and of January 1991 until April 1992 with the Federal Minister of the defense.

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training and occupation

after driving the family out from East Prussia made Hennig 1957 in Flensburg the Abitur. Subsequently, it completed a study of the jurisprudence and the political economy in Freiburg in mash gau and Kiel, which it terminated 1962 with the first state examination. Afterwards it was a scientific assistant at the chair for east right of Boris Meissner and began 1963 an activity with the federal office of the CDU. Here he was last director/conductor of the Referats for broadcast and television. From 1967 to 1971 Hennig was a personal adviser of the chairman of the CDU CSU - Bundestag faction Rainer Barzel.

1976 took place its graduation to the Dr. jur. at the University of Cologne with the work “the federal operational readiness level in west Berlin - development and a right character ".


Ottfried Hennig was married and had a child.

a party

since 1961 it was member of the CDU. From 1972 to 1973 Hennig was Federal business manager of the CDU. By April 1989 until March 1997 he was regional chairman of the CDU in Schleswig-Holstein.

Ottfried Hennig was for the elections of the federal parliament 1992 and 1996 leading candidate of the CDU for the office of the Prime Minister of Schleswig-Holstein. It could itself however against the respective office holders Björn close cross-beam and/or. Heath Simonis (both SPD) do not intersperse.


Hennig belonged from 1969 to 1975 to the Kreistag of the Rhine victory circle and was here last also a chairman of the CDU parliamentary group.

From 1976 to its mandate resignation to 31. May 1992 was Hennig member of the German federal daily. It otherwise always drew 1990 over the national list Schleswig-Holstein and as directly selected delegates of the constituency Gütersloh into the Bundestag.

Hennig was thereafter from 1992 to the resignation of its mandate to 5. May 1997 member of the federal state parliament of Schleswig-Holstein. Here it was in this time of chairmen of the CDU parliamentary group and opposition leader. Into the federal state parliament Hennig drew 1992 over the national list and 1996 as directly selected delegates of the constituency Rendsburg - east.

public offices

to 4. October 1982 was appointed Hennig as a parliamentary undersecretary of state with the Federal Minister for German domestic relations into the Federal Government led of Federal Chancellor Helmut Kohl. To the election to the Bundestag 1990 it changed to 24. January 1991 in same function to the Federal Minister of the defense. After the resignation from Secretary of Defense Gerhard proud mountain separated also Hennig at the 1. April 1992 from the government.

social offices

Hennig belonged from 1969 to 1973 as well as from 1984 to his death to the board of directors of the Deutschlandfunk . From 1979 to 1990 he was speaker of the homeland association East Prussia.

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