Ottmar Hitzfeld

Ottmar Hitzfeld (* 12. January 1949 in Lörrach) is a former German soccer player and a today's coach.

He was youth player later with the TuS Stetten and with the amateurs of the FV Lörrach. Starting from 1970 it played with Swiss Erstligisten fiber plastic Basel,with which it became 1972 and 1973 Swiss masters. 1973 he became also goal scorer king of Switzerland. With the olympic plays 1972 it played in the German olympia selection. There it was used five times from the beginning and shot in everyone of these plays a gate. 1977/78 playedit for the VfB Stuttgart in the German federal league (22 plays, 5 gates).

Later he became a coach in course, with the fiber plastic Aarau and with the grass hopper Zurich, where it became 1990 and 1991 with his team Swiss master. 1991 he became a coach of Borussia Dortmund, with which it won 1997 the champions League. Of the 1. July 1998 he was on a coach of the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich, which he to some titles (master, Cup winner, champion League victory against Valencia 2001, world Cup winner 2001) led.

To 18. May 2004 gave BavariaMunich admits, its contract running to 2005 prematurely to 30. To dissolve June 2004. The way of the dismissal was controversially discussed in the media as well as within the association. Hitzfeld became thereby after one season in which the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich could not win a title,dismiss and replaced by Felix Magath.

Sooner or later, Hitzfeld says, it again to its master club fiber plastic Basel will return and its career (it is as a coach, when president or as a sport boss) terminates there.

After separating the German team at the EM 2004 through1:2 - defeat against Tschechien was present Ottmar Hitzfeld an offer of the DFB as a successor of the withdrawn Rudi of full as a coach of the German national soccer team, which it however at the 1. July 2004 rejected.

At present (February 2006) a remarkable Internet campaign [1] runs, around Hitzfeldto present as a preferential coach candidate with Newcastle United. This campaign shows that a large part of the fans of Newcastle United favors the German.


Hitzfeld was one of the most successful coaches of its generation. It was considered to that as a deliberated, medium-experienced Gentleman character, outwardalways the peace kept. This did not hold it however to deliver internally conflicts bang-hard. It was to be been well-known above all for it, a good Motivator. Difficult characters like e.g.Matthias Sammer, Andreas Möller, Julio Cesar, Mario Basler, Lothar matte house or The bloom time or the late summer of their career experienced Stefan EFF mountain under it.

Hitzfeld was besides for its role of the pioneer in different ranges of the German football well-known:

  • Introduction of the three-chain with an offensive central man Matthias Sammer, although at that time nearly all other team with a Libero behindthe defense played
  • introduction of the 4-3-3-Systems with the fiber plastic Bavaria Munich with that at that time disputed Viererkette as well as two genuine Flügelstürmern (usually Mario Basler and Mehmet Scholl, in addition, Alexander Zickler).
  • Introduction of the so-called. Rotation principle at the beginning of its coach time with Bavaria Munich. Before was itusually to set a hard cut between the 11 master players and the substitutes and the reserve players under the slogan “the eleven must brought in be” hardly employment chances leave. Hitzfeld however set on it, a hard core of approx. To let nearly always play 5 players andapprox. to leave 12 others into approximately the same assignments.

tabular career overview

Player career
period association title
1960-67Germany TuS Stetten
1967-71Germany FV Lörrach
1971-75Switzerland fiber plastics Basel 1972 - championship
1973 - championship
1975 - Swiss cup
1975-78Germany VfB Stuttgart
1978-80Switzerland fiber plastics Lugano
1980-83SwitzerlandFiber plastic Luzern
  • 1973 - Swiss goal scorer king (18 gates)< /li>
  • Season 1976/77, 37. Play day, VfB Stuttgart - Jahn Regensburg 8:0
    Hitzfeld obtained 6 gates - to today in the second league unequalled< /li>
  • Coach career
    period association title
    1983-84Switzerland fiber plastics course
    1984-88Switzerland fiber plastics Aarau 1988 - Swiss cup
    1988-91SwitzerlandGrass hopper club Zurich 1989 - Swiss cup
    1990 - Swiss cup
    1990 - championship
    1991 - Championship
    1991-97Germany Borussia Dortmund 1995 - German master
    1996 - German master
    1997 - champion League
    1998-04Germany fiber plastics Bavaria Munich 1999 - German master
    2000 - DFB cup
    2000 -German master
    2001 - German master
    2001 - champion League
    2001 - world cup
    2003 - DFB cup
    2003 - German master
  • 1997 - “world coaches of the yearly”< /li>
  • 2001 - “world coaches of the yearly”< /li>
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