Otto Forster

Otto Forster (* 8. July 1937 in Munich) is a German mathematician.

It was attained a doctorate to 1961 with Karl stone with a work about Banachalgebren of constant functions on compact areas and habilitierte themselves 1965. After a stay at institutes for the Advanced Study in Princeton it became 1968 tidy professor at the University of Regensburg, 1975 changed it after Münster. Since 1982 he works on mathematical Institut of the Ludwig Maximilians university Munich. It is member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

Its scientific work lies in the range of the complex analysis; in the German-speaking countries it is particularly well-known by its einführende book series to the analysis.

The algorithms in its book algorithmic number theory use the programming language ARIBAS, which was developed by it and which is subject to GNU GPL. ARIBAS was developed as language which can be learned easily (its syntax is ajar against Pascal), which makes many functions available of the algorithmic number theory.


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