Otto Fritz Meyerhof

Otto Fritz Meyerhof (* 12. April 1884 in Hanover; † 6. October 1951 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania) was a German biochemist, who received 1922 together with archie soon Vivian Hill for its research over the metabolism in the muscle the Nobelpreis for medicine.

Meyerhof was born as a son of wealthy Jewish parents. He spent the largest part of its childhood and youth in Berlin, where he made 1903 its Abitur and took up afterwards medicine - a study. In this time it pushed Leonard Nelson, which remained long in a friendly manner connected he its life for the friend circle late philosophers teaching in Goettingen (after its fühen death it published the papers of the Fries' school again-justified of Nelson with Franz Oppenheimer and Minna woodpecker to 1937 - new one consequence ); here he became acquainted with 1907 also his also philosophically high-interested fellow student Arthur Kronfeld and a little later mathematics - student and painter Hedwig sound mountain , which became 1914 its wife. With their it had one daughter and two sons, in the USA of late child lady doctor and/or. Physicists became.

It continued its studies in Strasbourg and Heidelberg and attained a doctorate here in December 1909 with Franz Nissl, the director of the psychiatric university clinic, with a science-theoretical work supported by the work of the philosopher Jakob Friedrich Fries, which carried the title: „Contributions for the psychological theory of the mental disorder “. Even with psychoanalysis argued it itself in of its friend crowning field led working group, while it could interest in the hospital of Ludolf of Krehl, on which also Viktor of Weizsäcker worked , of Otto being castle in the biochemical study of the muscle metabolism and be trained into it.

it went to 1912 to the University of Kiel, habilitierte themselves 1913 and became there 1918 professor. The offer of a Professur in the USA, which he received to 1923 after the Nobelpreis, it deflected 1924 in favor of the appointment to the institute for emperor William for biology in Berlin , of where it became to appoint 1929 to the institute for emperor William for medical research in Heidelberg, initiated by Ludolf of Krehl, at that it starting from 1930 as a director of the physiological department worked and at further innovative discoveries arrived. - The University of Heidelberg established 2001 with the mechanism petrol Meyerhof center for ambulatory medicine and clinical research to its memory a honorable monument.

1938 emigrierte Otto Meyerhof because of the Nazi rule in Germany first to Paris, had to flee from there however after the case of France 1940 into the USA, where it the Rockefeller Foundation financed a Forschungsprofessur for physiological chemistry at the University OF Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. Here it died with 67 years at its second cardiac infarct, after it had survived first seven years.

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