Otto hear-sing

Friedrich Otto hear-sing (* 18. July 1874 in large Schillingken (East Prussia), † 23. August 1937 in Berlin) was a German politician. It was more learned forges and worked as a Metallarbeiter with boron victory in Berlin.

Otto Hörsing (vierter von rechts) auf der Tagung des Reichsvorstands des Reichsbanners
Otto hear-sing (fourth from right) on the conference of the realm executive committee of the realm banner
  • 1914 - 1918 war participation - vice-sergeant, plant manager of a prisoner-of-war camp in Romania
  • January of 1919 chairmen of the worker and soldier advice Upper Silesia
  • 1919 - 1920 member of the national assembly (SPD)
  • 1924 - 1932 member of the federal state parliament in Prussia (SPD)
  • 21. July 1927 after a Rüge of the realm government because of its call to the Viennese events, where it had come to demonstrations of the workers and the bloody collisions with the police, steps Otto hear-sings as an upper president of the province Saxonia back.
  • 3. July 1932 Otto hear-sing from the SPD one excludes. To 5. It creates July together with the youth secretary and the cashier of the realm banner the “socialrepublican party of Germany (hearing singing movement for provision of work)” (SRPD). To 13. September 1932 decides the realm banner executive committee the fact that the membership in the SRPD with in the realm banner is incompatible and excludes its chairman of many years thereby. With the choice to 7. Reichstag to 6. November 1932 receives the hearing singing party to realm-far only 8,395 voices (0.02%).


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