Otto Landsberg

Otto Landsberg (* 4. December 1869 in Rybnik, Upper Silesia; † 9. December 1957 in Baarn, the Netherlands) was a German lawyer and since 1890 member of the social-democratic party of Germany (SPD).

lives and occupation

after thatAbitur 1887 in Ostrowo in the governmental district floats studied Landsberg in Berlin jurisprudence. After the first state examination 1890 it was active as a court junior lawyer in Gostyn, Ostrowo and floats and put 1895 down the second state examination. 1895 it established itself as an attorney in Magdeburg. Of1920 to 1923 he was envoy of the German Reich in Belgium. It opens a law office in Berlin to at the beginning of of 1924. It represents 1925 Friedrich Ebert during the offense process around the so-called. Dolchstosslegende as legal advice.

After the seizure of power by the national socialists it emigrierte 1933 over those Czechoslovakia and Belgium into the Netherlands. There it lived also after end of the Second World War up to its death.


with the realm tag choice 1912 was selected Landsberg in the constituency Magdeburg 4 in Reichstag of the empire (until 1918). 1919 /20 were it member that Weimar national assembly. By December 1924 to 1933 he was again a realm tag delegate.

A city delegate in Magdeburg was he from 1903 to 1909.

public offices

Landsberg 1918 member in the advice of the people-assigned became, where he for press, art andLiterature was responsible. In the advice it expressed itself for a dissolution of Prussia and a reorganisation of the realm, could not not succeed with it however. 1919 it belonged to the cabinet sheath man as a Minister of Justice .


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