Otto Lenel

Otto Lenel (* 13. December 1849 in Mannheim, † 7. February 1935 in Freiburg in mash gau) was one of the most important right historians of the Roman right. Otto Lenel became to 13. December 1849 as a son of Moritz Lenel and Caroline scrub in Mannheim born.

Otto Lenel
Otto Lenel

its meaning in the area of the Roman right, in particular the location of later interpolations of the originally classical texts was outstanding. In particular he investigated the reconstruction of the Edictum perpetuum and for the Palingenesia.

Since 1885 Otto Lenel in Strasbourg had lived and had taught. it received a call to 1907 to Freiburg/Brsg. As one of the large German right historians, become particularly he admits in the year 1929 to its 80 by its research to the Roman historical jurisprudence, was. Birthday with a congratulation address honoured, in which 20 countries of different continents and 100 universities were represented. 1933 met the honour citizen of the city Freiburg the effects of National Socialist racial policy; its daughter was displaced out of her occupation as a nurse; its grandchildren had no more life right in the country, for which their had confessed in the meantime the deceased of fathers and the grandfather in the field. These heavy strokes of fate broke the old man; in the last one and a half years of its life it turned away completely from the science. To 7. February 1935 it died. It was bestattet accordingly to its desire in all silence and published in Germany no ring-back signal. Over 80jährige the widow and the daughter were kidnapped in October 1940 from Freiburg into the camp Gurs (France); the widow died on transport. With answer of 19. October 1940 leaned the rector of the University of Freiburg/Brsg. due to a decree of the realm Minister for science, education and national education of 28. September 1940 the permission of the grandchild Paul Otto Lenel (so-called. Half-breed 2. Degree) to the study off.

To its 50. Day of death became to 7. February 1985 at its last domicile, a house in the getting leg route 5 in Freiburg/Brsg. a Gedenktafel attached.


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